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I’ve been covering this virus for a few days now after some public officials made statements that spiked my interest. As it turns out there was good reason. Apparently the Zika virus is definitely more of a concern than first thought.

CDC has now confirmed that it does cause microcephaly as the title of this article states. The symptoms of the Zika are relatively mild but the disease is believed to be highly risky for pregnant women, as it may cause microcephaly, a rare condition that causes babies to be born with small heads and damages the brain.

The above is concerning enough, however here is a piece of info that does not seem to be receiving much attention, however significantly changes the game. The disease can also be spread via sexual interaction. So it’s no longer merely mosquitoes you need to worry about.

The WHO (World Health Organization) is now considering this a Global Public Health Emergency. Will we find out more nasty ramifications of this virus? Time will tell.