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Will Cops Bug Out During SHTF? (Video)


Video By Ethical Preparedness

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Will Cops Bug Out During SHTF? An Insider’s Answer

“Hey folks, Welcome to Ethical Preparedness. Several times in the prepping community I’ve heard the topic come up of whether cops, paramedics or first responders will bug out and abandon post should SHTF happen. So in this video I wanted to address this topic. As a first responder myself I feel I have a little insight on this topic from what I’ve witness from working along side so many other first responders.”

“First lets get this out of the way. If you hate cops and you think all cops are power hungry and abuse their authority and SHTF were to happen and everybody is gonna come for the cops whatever. That’s fine, everybody is entitled to their opinion, but I know who I am and I know what I stand for. So feel free to go ahead and leave your hateful comments or send me your hate messages. All I have to say is if you hate cops that much then go to the police academy, become a police officer yourself and do the job yourself and then change what you hate about cops and change the system from with in instead of being a keyboard commando. I personally don’t care what you think about cops either and I probably won’t waste my time responding to someone who doesn’t know anything about me either.”

“So back to the point of this video which was the question. Will cops and other first responders bug out and abandon their post should SHTF happen. My belief is from my experience of working along side so many other first responders is that cops and first responders from larger cities, especially cops that patrol the bad inner cities, will most likely get the heck out of dodge should SHTF happen. BUT while the cops and first responders  from the smaller towns probably will  not. The reason I believe this is because cops that work in larger cities usually do not live in their patrol beat, if they even live in that city at all. When a cop doesn’t live in the area that he/she patrols then he/she doesn’t have any real personal stake in that area. The bigger city cop usually just goes from dispatch run to dispatch run dealing with the criminals and the intoxicated idiots in their patrol beat. The bigger city cop also usually doesn’t have the time to really get to know the good people that live in their patrol beat. Plus people that live in the bigger cities tend to hate cops to begin with. Maybe not everybody, but many of the people living in the inner city have a tendency to be involved in narcotics, gangs, and robbery and hustling and other illegal activity and just criminals have a tendency to dislike cops. So during a societal melt down, who in their right mind would stay and try to protect an area they have no personal stake in? Especially in an area that would have so many criminals that would hate them. Especially when their families and loved ones are elsewhere and possible in personal danger. I can also see a lot of cops and first responders not necessarily feeling sorry for these ghetto neighborhoods that will almost surely burn to the ground should SHTF happen.”

“With the amount of cop haters that these neighborhoods have, if SHTF were to happen and the cops were forced to get out of dodge the cops probably won’t lose a wink of sleep when these thugs are standing in the ashes of what use to be their neighborhoods and their scratching their heads trying to figure out what went wrong. But even if the bigger city cops that don’t patrol bad areas, but instead patrol decent areas in a bigger city, they still won’t know most of the people in that area. Cities are just full of different people and strangers and the cops home and family will still more than likely be outside of that city or the complete opposite side of the city.”

“Now you take the small town cop, you know the ones that so many people like to make fun of in the movies or on TV. These small towns will usually require their police or other first responders to either live with in the town or live with in a close proximity of it. this makes it so that many of these small town cops will know most of the people on their control beat and it also makes it so many of these people know where the police officer themselves  lives at. Now while I’m sure this isn’t true in every situation most of these small town cops know that they can not get away with some of the same stuff the big city cops get away with. Therefore, they are a lot more respectful of the townsfolk and in turn the townsfolk like the police more. So when you have a small town cop whose patrol beat includes his neighbor, and his friends and the church he goes to and his own home…he’s going to have a lot more at stake in that town. While he’s obviously not going  to want to see his own house looted and his own family harmed he is also not going to want to see his neighbor harmed or his church or his pasture or the friends that he has in that town to be harmed either.”

“You have to realize he is probably going to know the bank manager or the grocery store manager and his pasture probably married him and his wife. And he’s probably going to know the teachers and the school principal and many people in the town will have probably seen actually grow up from kids to young adults. So I can actually even see local law enforcement in these rural town actually deputizing or swearing in able body townsfolk to assist in protecting the town out should SHTF happen. I can also see the paramedics and fire fighters in these rural towns putting in extra work hours to help out in their community. As again they don’t want to see their neighbors with medical needs suffer should the lights go out and delivery of some medicine stops and etc etc. And they also won’t want to see their neighbors businesses burn to the ground and stuff like that.”

“Now, in reality, unless the catastrophic event makes it necessary to get out of dodge, something like a very contagious disease or nearby dirty bomb or something like that. Small town first responders will probably almost certainly stay at their post. Most first responders know it’s better to fight the beast before it reaches even their neighbors door, let alone actually let it reach their own door. So just to recap, I can see bigger city first responders not having any real stake in the areas that they service and being quick to bug out to protect their family and neighbor should SHTF happen. And I can see smaller town first responders almost being forced to not bug out in order to protect their family and neighbors should SHTF. To simplify it, during SHTF, everybody including most first responders will simply go to where their families members safety is at stake.”

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