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What to Remember When Packing Your Emergency Prep Kit


When you are prepared for an emergency, it makes the situation much easier to handle. To be on the safe side, you should have an emergency supply kit in your home that you can call on to get you through any emergency. You have to pack your emergency preparedness kit carefully to ensure you are ready to handle any contingency. The right supplies will ensure you can ride out emergencies when they occur. Here is a guide to packing your emergency supply kit so your home will be ready when disaster strikes.



Most people always think of food first when they put their kits together, stocking up on things like canned goods. Really though, the first thing you need for survival is water. You need to gather at least three days’ worth of water for your kit. It is even better if you make that a week’s supply of water. You will need one gallon of water per day for each person in your household. A gallon is enough water to take care of your drinking and sanitation needs.



While you could ride out a week-long disaster without food as long as you had water, you will be much better off if you fill your disaster kit with non-perishable food items. Make sure to choose food items that your family will actually enjoy eating. Canned goods that are high in water content are an excellent choice. You want to avoid foods with high-salt contents so you can avoid getting thirsty. Salt-free crackers and whole-grain cereals are fine choices. Nuts, peanut butter and protein bars are also good choices for your emergency prep kit.



Power outages and disaster often go hand-in-hand. You need to make sure that you have all the light sources you need when the electricity fails. Fill your emergency prep kit with plenty of flashlights and electric lanterns. Stock up with lots of extra batteries. Make sure you avoid falling prey to the sentimentality of using candles for light during an emergency. The last thing you want to do is start a fire during a disaster situation because you thought it would be romantic.



You want to have the medicine you need in your emergency supplies. Standard medications you should include are pain relievers like aspirin and ibuprofen, antidiarrheal medications, antacids and laxatives. You also want to have a good first-aid kit as part of your emergency supplies. Make sure to include a supply of any prescription drugs you are taking as well. You may want to think about adding an e cig charger for your electronic cigarette to use as a tobacco alternative which you could carry in your emergency kit.


Solar Charger

When the power is off for several days, it is nice to have an alternative power source to charge up your cellphones and other electronic devices. There are loads of incredible solar chargers on the market today that you can use to power your electronic devices. Of course, the ultimate way to solve power issues during an emergency is to get solar panels installed on your roof.



It is critical that you keep the important papers you need in your emergency kit. You should have copies of your health insurance cards. Maps of the area are also necessary. Of course, you should have a supply of paper cash in case you need it. You should also have a copy of your family’s emergency plan, including where to meet in case you are forced to leave your home.



If the power goes out, a radio may be your only way to stay connected with the outside world. You should get a radio that is battery-powered, but make sure to get a model that can also powered by a hand crank just in case.


If you put together these supplies, you will have a well-stocked emergency prep kit. Remember to add in supplies for your pets if you have them. When you have these emergency supplies, you will be ready for anything. That gives you tremendous peace of mind.

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