Home Prepper What is your excuse for not preparing for emergencies?

What is your excuse for not preparing for emergencies?


What is your excuse for not preparing for emergencies?

Americans Need a Disaster Reality Check

A recent survey by Chapman University found a serious lack of personal preparation for emergencies and disasters by Americans. They found 56% of people fear they will experience a natural or man-made disaster and 86% believe an emergency kit would improve their chance of survival but 76% have made no effort to assemble a kit. Their definition of a kit is the basics recommended by FEMA and the Red Cross of food, water, prescription medications and other supplies sufficient for at least 72 hours. Although a kit is only one step in being prepared, it provides a good example of what people are not doing. Good preparation includes being informed, a making a plan and gathering essentials.



The real story is the excuses given for not preparing.

51% believe emergency services will come

40% just don’t have the time

33% just don’t want to think about it

28% don’t know what to do


These are excuses you may have used and undoubtedly you have heard from others. It is an unrealistic belief that First Responders will reach everyone immediately after a disaster which is why FEMA and the Red Cross recommend a kit and other preparations. As quoted from Chapman’s lead researcher Ann Gordon, Ph.D “We found a major disconnect between people’s expectations of what would happen and the reality of a disaster’s aftermath.”

Emergency planning and preparation are safety steps for every family. Fortunately they do not require a lot of time and there is great guidance available. An easy first step is to register for your local Reverse 911 link service, specific guidance and updates from first responders can be sent to you cell phone.   Go to SafetyInformed.org for links and guidance.

Examine your excuses for not being prepared and start today. Share this article with your family and friends then talk about their excuses and help them get started too.


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