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Video 3096 Days: Documentary of Austrian kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch premieres


This documentary shares the nightmare of Natascha Kampusch’s captivity for 8 years as a young child. It’s a touching story and provides some unique insight form a survivors perspective.

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  1. Writing a book, and trying to get famous. Pretending to be a victim , hiding the real story.

  2. I find this horrible. I just finished her book, and in it she says that she doesn't really want the attention and that people just bully her about everything.. then she agrees to make a movie about it all?? Aren't her memories and the book enough for her to endure? :S

  3. Ich bin erst 12 Jahre alt aber ich habe mir diesen Film gekauft und es ist schon sehr traurig ich musste heulen.Aber es ist schön das sie es Geschäft hat.

  4. please send this too me as well if possible? i read the book and am desperate for the movie…? xx thanks

  5. I checed it there is no movie in English and the one in German is just 10 minutes of a movies played again and again

  6. In Austria came the movie on 21.February 2013 but no one Looks it.
    Cause Natascha only want Attention and the Money….
    And Germany and Austria a very angry about this!!!!

    Sorry, my Englisch is not so good!!! :/

  7. typical fox – they show the picture of the perpetrator but no the two teens – one of whom is black.

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