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Victims describe negotiating with their kidnappers



Victims describe negotiating with their kidnappers

CNN’s Paula Newton speaks with victims of “express kidnapping” at a time when crime in Venezuela has reached record-breaking highs.
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    This is why I voted Bernie Sanders.

    However, it doesn't work in poor countries like Venezuela or Cuba.

  2. So it's like a black friday sale, but these people actually have good reason to be desperate.

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of Bernie Sanders and now Billary Clinton's America 2020. I was in Venezuela when El Presidente Chavez was in power for about two years and couldn't figure for the life of me why the waiters, cab drivers, hotel door men, and so many others just seemed so pissed. I kept asking folks…Do you they have issues with us North Americans? That wasn't it. Here is what it come down to and this is the honest truth. Many people had quite decent jobs, some people had businesses, a college degree meant something, especially the those with law degrees or international business lawyers. Lots of the doctors worked their way from med school to their own practices where yes, they catered to those who could afford it. So now comes Chavez and his Socialist Bolaverianisim who decides to tax the rich (most foreign companies). WE WILL MAKE THEM PAY!!!! Ummmmmmmm….STUPID!!! They all packed their bags and left Venezuela leaving big plans unfunded by evil capitalist dollars, the big companies left, the comfortable workers who once processed international invoices and lawyers who made sure it was legal and binding, and the doctors who treated their families, and the services they spent their money at….ALL BEGAN TO GO TO CRAP. But the rich WILL pay! Well, if the millionaires are all gone, who becomes the rich now? You got it…the person who has half a mil, when they are gone, the person with 10k, when they scoot, it goes down to the person with 500 bolivares. Thats the reality of socialism. So when the lawyer is waiting tables, or the COO of the company is now driving a cab, or the once highly recommended doctor is a door man…….Thank a socialist.

  4. Get a Duterte in your country Venezuela.
    There's just no way around this except get an iron fist to rule you right now.

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