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UTAS UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun (Review / Shooting) || The Bullet Points


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Thanks for tuning in to our review, field testing and shooting of the infamous UTAS UTS-15 tactical shotgun. It is a pump-action, 12 gauge, bullpup design with a capacity of 14+1 shells. UTAS began designing their shotgun back in 2006 for Smith & Wesson who contracted UTAS to design for them the “ultimate police shotgun.” Some of the required specs from Smith & Wesson were that they wanted a pump-action, 12 Gauge tactical shotgun with an overall length of less than 30″ and a minimum capacity of 13 rounds. Needless to say, what they got was the UTS-15 (Urban Tactical Shotgun or Ultimate Tactical Shotgun). Though design began in 2006, this controversial shotgun was not released until 2012, rivaling the much-fawned after and acclaimed Kel-Tec KSG. The UTAS UTS 15 was clearly designed with Police & Military as its target audience and users. However, the shotgun has had an extremely mixed track record with many quality control issues and stories of these things actually breaking with moderate testing in the field. So… we HAD to get our hands on one to see if it is really as bad as some people say. We purchased the “deluxe” package deal that came with the iron sights, standard choke, breach choke, 7.5″ extended barrel choke, manual, canvas carry bag, and sight tool. Having had the Kel-Tec KSG in The Bullet Points project now for just over a year, we have had nothing but great things to say about that stellar shotgun. Can the UTS 15 hold up to the same standards? … Well, just watch.

The Bullet Points on the UTAS UTS-15 Tactical Shotgun:
• Manufacturer: UTAS
• Model: UTS-15 (standard “Black” version)
• Year Released: 2012 (design began in 2006)
• Weapon Type: Shotgun
• Action: Pump
• Caliber: 12 Gauge
• Capacity: 14+1 (2¾” Shells), or 12+1 (3″ Shells)
• Chambering: Chambered to Accept 2½,” 2¾,” and 3″ Magnum Shells
• Feed System: Dual, Alternately Feeding or Selectable 7-Round Tube Magazines
• Materials: Fiber Reinforced Injection Molded Polymer and Steel
• Optics: Top-mounted Full-length Picatinny Rail
• Choke Threading Type: Beretta
• Grip & Safety: AR-15 / M4 Style
• Overall Length: 28.3″
• Barrel Length: 18.5″ (w/ standard choke)
• Weight: 6.9 lbs. (unloaded)
• Aftermarket Parts: Minimal
• Availability: Decent
• MSRP: ,200 (Standard “Black” Version)
• TBP Overall Rating: 1/10
• Pros: Ummmm… we’ll get back to you. It does kinda look like the Halo shotgun.
• Cons: Does Not Function Properly, Failures to Feed & Extract Abound, Double & Triple Feeds, Inconsistent Magazine Cut-Off Feed System, Sticky / Rough Pump Action, Terrible Forend/Pump Design, Loud Clangy Sling Swivels & Chamber Door, Upper Stock Breach Cover Opens Constantly, Unreliable, Magazine Tube Witness Windows Allow Tons of Dirt & Garbage to Get Into Magazines, Roll Pins Not Stable, Magnets Used in Place of Springs/Detents, Cannot Load Rounds Easily, Cheap Feeling Stock, Chokes Come Loose with Ease, It Could Get You Killed if You’re Law Enforcement or Military, etc.

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Video Rating: / 5


  1. Not really impressed.

    + Looks (Looks awesome)
    + Good capacity and feature.

    – Pump action.. For a large weapon like that you would expect semi auto for faster more precise fire.
    – Poor Recoil compensation again for a weapon that size that is too lazy.

    Conclusion: Looks like the shotgun of the future but is in reality crap design.

  2. Short schucking. Don't baby the pump. Bull pups have this problem. Mossbergs almost never do this. See Hicock's video.

  3. "We're having a little bit of uh, sticky bolt issues out here. The pump action is really stiff. Um. We've put a ton of ballistol in here, we've lubed the crap out of it so um, it should be fine."
    "Failure to extract, failure to feed, another failure to feed. It's a bad day for the UTS."
    "Failure to feed, failure to feed, failure to extract."

    etcetera etcetera. More complaining.

    Uh, news flash cum stain, you're short shucking the shit out of it. That ain't the shotguns fault, it's yours. Dude, learn how to properly use a shotgun. The second guy got off a ton of rounds without any jam. Why? Because he wasn't short shucking. Also, I don't think UTAS expects you to be holding the gun upsided down while firing it. The fact that you automatically expect that to work is hilarious.
    On to my next point. You mentioned that it's mostly plastic. Do you know what that means? It means it's the American version. The Turkish version is way higher quality because it's mostly metal. The law enforcement and militaries of the world that use this gun order the Turkish version not the American version because the Turkish version is WAY better. That being said, the American version isn't complete shit. As long as you take care of it and don't short shuck it, it will work just fine for you.

  4. şu an için işçilik çok iyi değil ama takılma tutukluk sorunu yok tek eksiği kaplama tesfiye işçiliği daha iyi olabilir .. bu video büyük ihtimal ilk modeli bunlarda biraz kötülemek istemiş gibi

  5. Adamlar dalga geçiyor siz yapanı yazıyorsunuz, akıllı olun biraz, kasıtlı eleştirmek için yapılmış bir video

  6. I am assuming this is a Gen 1, my gen 4 I have put over 1000 rounds through and never had an issue , only time I have seen an issue arise with mine is with a new shooter trying it out and short stroking it.

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