Home News Trunk Kidnap Victim Brittany Diggs Recounts Her Daring Escape (Exclusive) | TODAY

Trunk Kidnap Victim Brittany Diggs Recounts Her Daring Escape (Exclusive) | TODAY



Brittany Diggs, the 25-year-old nursing student who was forced into the trunk of her own car at gunpoint, speaks out about her terrifying ordeal. She hopes that her story leads to the capture of the suspect. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports for TODAY.
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  1. Is that latch, and the latch-law only available in the U.S.A or is it an international law which means all vehicles distributed around the world have that latch?

  2. Thats why I dont wanna live in America, no safety at all. Burglars and killers live in this country. The reason i migrate to Arab country.

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  4. This is fake nobody would kidnapp a blk woman cause they would yell & give the suspect an attitude to death.

  5. Thank God! What a brave and smart girl! I am glad she made an escape. Sorry for the trauma and the emotional pain that unfortunately has to come after this. I teared up when she ran in the back and hid. I am so happy that monster was caught!

  6. demon's are real, I'm so glad she is safe & made it out alive, we are in our last day's, everyone PRAY OVER YOUR SELVES & YOUR FAMILY'S, because Satan is on every corner looking to see whom he may devour GIVE YOUR LIFE TO CHRIST, GOD BLESS ALL

  7. She is so amazing. She kept her cool long enough to survive physically unharmed. That is absolutely incredible. I wish I could hug her so tight and tell her how wonderful and smart she is. She was her own superhero. I am so proud of her!!

  8. IM so happy she survived. Tears. So happy she is alive. That guy looked so normal, nobody would think he did anything. Be careful men and woman. Keep your head on a swivel. This could be any of us. Tears. Never give up if abducted like this woman. Try and think of ways you can escape. The person who does this wont let you live, you have to escape. IM so happy she is alive. tears.

  9. This is a fake and they should both die an unimaginable death…Kayla Berg is still missing!!

  10. guys the video is fake. the creators and the person that seemed to be kidnapped admitted it.

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  14. Are you fucking retarded? This was already solved it was a media company just doing a skit, they even did a press release a few days ago. You fucking lazy bastards

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