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True Stories — October 2015


Kansas Concealed Carrying Customer Thwarts Gun Store Robbery

A Topeka man was in a gun store buying ammunition when he realized three young men were stealing weapons from the store. He followed the men outside and confronted them with his legally-carried pistol, telling them his gun was loaded but theirs were not. That was enough to convince the robbers to leave their stolen weapons behind and flee the scene, only to be apprehended by responding police a short while later. The armed citizen thanked the Kansas governor’s recent signing of a constitutional carry bill for making it possible for him to stop the robbery.

WIBW-TV, Topeka, Kansas

Florida Uber Driver Fights Off Strangler, Is Fired For His Heroism

A Clearwater Uber driver had to resort to his legally carried pistol to defend himself from a passenger who tried to strangle him. The would-be killer was shot in the foot during the incident, which ended the crime, and responding police took the offender into custody. Uber company officials responded by terminating their driver’s employment and cooperated with police in an effort to determine whether a crime had been committed by the driver. Uber also implemented a nationwide policy forbidding Uber drivers and passengers from being armed.

WFLA-TV, Tampa, Florida

Illinois Gun Owner Stops Home Invasion

Hearing strange noises mid-evening in his Springfield residence, the homeowner took up a pistol and went to investigate. He encountered an intruder who had broken into the home. Fearing for his life during the nighttime home invasion, the homeowner fired on the intruder several times, wounding the attacker and stopping the incident. Responding police opined that the home had been specifically targeted for the crime for an unknown reason.

Springfield News-Leader, Illinois

Former TV Anchor, Husband In New Mexico Shootout

A former CNN TV news anchor and her husband were staying overnight at an Albuquerque motel when an armed assailant forced his way into their room and demanded money and valuables. Emerging naked from a shower, the husband came into the situation and tried reasoning with the robber, while positioning himself in front of a dresser holding the two .38-caliber revolvers the married couple routinely carries. When the robber began firing at the husband, the former Army Special Forces soldier picked up one of the revolvers and, even though he was wounded in the leg and abdomen, was able to return fire and kill the assailant. The husband was hospitalized for several days with non-life-threatening injuries.


Armed Ohio Barkeep Stops Mass Shooting

A Youngstown bartender with a pistol and a CCW is a hero. When a disgruntled customer who had been previously kicked out of the bar returned with a shotgun and started shooting, the barkeep drew his pistol and engaged the shooter, killing him. Unfortunately, the shooter’s brother, who was reportedly attempting to defuse the situation, was also wounded in the incident. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Vindy.com, Youngstown, Ohio

Texas Man Uses AK-47 To Foil Home Invasion

When he returned fire, two other men came running from behind the home.

Hearing strange noises outside the home he shared with his wife, son and newborn child, a Houston homeowner took up an AK-47 rifle when he went to investigate. He was just outside the home when he was fired upon by two men in a vehicle in front of the house. When he returned fire, two other men came running from behind the home, one of whom the homeowner fired on while the other fled on foot into the surrounding area. Three of the four burglars fled in their vehicle. No one was injured in the exchange of gunfire.

KHOU.com, Houston, Texas

Texas Pastor Foils Church Burglar

Hearing sounds of a break-in while sleeping in the office of his church, a Baytown pastor armed himself with a pistol to investigate. Feeling threatened when he confronted a burglar inside the church, he fired once, striking the burglar in the shoulder and ending the crime. The pastor then prayed with the wounded criminal while waiting for responding police. The criminal later died.

ABC 13 News, Houston, Texas

Tennessee Septuagenarian Stops Carjacking

A 74-year-old Nashville man was stopped at an intersection when he was approached by two young men who stole his cell phone and demanded he get out of the car. Rather than comply, he drew his legally-carried pistol and fired on the robbers, shooting one and putting the other to flight. He held the wounded robber for police, who determined the shooter was acting in self-defense. The wounded robber will face felony charges in juvenile court on his release from the hospital.

WSMV-TV, Nashville, Tennessee

North Carolina Good Samaritan Saves Grandmother From Her Assaulting Grandson

Hearing a mid-morning commotion and gunfire outside his house, a retired county prosecutor took up a rifle and went to investigate. He observed an armed man firing on an older woman. When the shooter defied orders to stop the attack and lay down his weapon, the retired prosecutor shot him several times, ending the incident. It turned out the shooter was arguing with his own grandmother in a dispute that turned violent. The grandmother was wounded in the leg. The attacking grandson died later of his injuries.

WBTV, Charlotte, North Carolina

Armed New Mexico Pizza Deliveryman Stops Armed Robber

An Albuquerque Domino’s pizzeria was robbed at gunpoint about 9:30 one evening. As the robber left the pizzeria, he encountered a Domino’s pizza delivery driver returning from a run and decided to rob him too. Unfortunately for the robber, this pizza delivery driver was legally armed, and when the robber put a gun to his face and demanded money, the driver shot him several times, wounding him seriously and stopping the crime. Police say the driver, who was defending himself, will not face charges. No word from Domino’s on whether the driver will keep his job with the company, which is known for its policy of not allowing its drivers to be armed.

Albuquerque Journal, New Mexico

Florida Domino’s Pizza Man Fights Off Two Armed Robbers

A Hollywood Domino’s pizza delivery driver was returning from a delivery run when two men accosted him in the parking lot and demanded money. The legally-armed driver drew his pistol and fired on the robbers, killing one and putting the other to flight. Police say the shooting appears to be a clear case of self-defense. No word from Domino’s on whether the driver will keep his job with the company, which — as noted above — is known for its policy of not allowing its drivers to be armed.

WTVJ-TV, Miami, Florida

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