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True Stories — July 2017


South Carolina Man Defends Against Masked Invader Armed With Pistol and Rope

A well-planned mid-evening home invasion of a Monck’s Corner home went awry for the invaders but well for the homeowners. It began when the invader’s female accomplice posed as a homeowner’s association representative, complete with a fake name badge, and asked the homeowner’s wife some routine questions. The woman then signaled to her counterpart, who rushed to the door while masked and carrying a pistol and a length of rope. Seeing the masked and armed man approaching, the wife screamed for her husband while closing and locking the door. As the attacker kicked in the front door, the husband responded by firing four shots through the door at the attacker, killing him. The invader’s female confederate was later arrested. Investigators suspected the rope indicated a plan to tie up the homeowners for some nefarious reason. Police and prosecutors agreed in the decision not to charge the homeowner in the shooting, citing self-defense.

The Post and Courier, Charleston, South Carolina

Pennsylvania Man Fights Off Home Invader

A Pittsburgh man heard strange noises during the night on the lower floor of his home. Arming himself with a handgun when he went to investigate, the owner was confronted by a male intruder wielding a crowbar. After a brief struggle in which he was struck in the head with the crowbar, the homeowner shot the burglar in the leg and then held him for responding police. Police and prosecutors are treating the shooting as justifiable self-defense.


Washington State Gun Store Clerks Catch Car Thief

Quick thinking by two armed Lynwood gun store clerks resulted in the apprehension of a car thief. On seeing an unknown man near their store in a vehicle they knew belonged to someone else, they approached the man and asked some questions. When the answers didn’t seem right, they called for police and held the man at gunpoint for their arrival. The car was indeed stolen, and the thief will face charges of attempted vehicle theft. No one was injured in the incident.

The Seattle Times, Washington

Oklahoma Son Defends Father and Home Against Trio of Burglars

A noontime burglary in Broken Arrow went awry for three teenage burglars when they encountered the son of the owner of the home after breaking in through a back door. On finding the trio inside the home, the son retrieved a rifle and fired on them, mortally wounding all three. One suspect was armed with a knife, another with brass knuckles. Authorities are describing the incident as defense of self and home, and the defender is not expected to face charges.


Tennessee Man Prevents Street Robbery

A Memphis man was in front of a grocery store when another man tried to rob him. Fearing for his life, the would-be victim drew a pistol and fired on the robber, fatally wounding him and driving him away. The victim then approached two nearby police officers and reported the incident. Police are calling the shooting self-defense.


Armed Texas Men Stop Knifepoint Robbery

Two Tyler men, a father and son, were eating lunch in their car after church one day when they saw a man holding a man and woman at knifepoint. The father and son drew their legally carried pistols and confronted the robber, ordering him to drop his knife and get on the ground. The two armed Good Samaritans then held the suspect for police, who arrested him on robbery charges. In an interesting twist, subsequent investigation revealed the female victim to actually be a co-conspirator, having set up her male companion to be robbed. She was later arrested on charges of aggravated robbery.

KLTV Channel 7, Tyler, Texas

Michigan Man Defends Sister From Stalker

After stalking and assaulting her several times over a long period, a Detroit man kicked in the front door of his ex-girlfriend’s house about 8 one morning. Fortunately for the woman, her brother was at home with her. Seeing the intruder breaking into the home, the brother took up a pistol and shot the intruder several times in the chest, killing him and ending the attack. Police are investigating the incident as self-defense.


Nevada Home Invasion Goes Bad for Invaders

A Las Vegas man and woman were at home one evening when two men forced their way in, overpowered the couple and tied them up, after which the suspects demanded money. The man was able to escape his bonds and get to a pistol he kept in the house, which he used to fire on the home invaders. One criminal was killed at the scene, while the second one fled and sought medical attention for a gunshot wound and was arrested by police at the hospital.


Georgia Subway Employee Stops Armed Robbery

A man walked into a Subway shop in Acworth and announced a robbery. A maintenance man in the store happened to be armed and, fearing for his life, drew his pistol and fired on the robber, hitting him in the chest and putting him to flight. Police captured the robber a short time later when he sought medical attention.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Georgia

Louisiana Senior Citizen Stops Home Invader

An East Baton Rouge family was outside their home when a stranger approached them and asked to use their bathroom. The stranger then pulled a gun and demanded money. Becoming incensed when the family had only food stamps to offer, the stranger then scuffled with the older man of the house, who was able to retrieve a pistol in the home and shoot the robber dead. Investigators said the incident appears to be a clear case of self-defense and believe the victims were chosen at random.

WBRZ Channel 2, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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