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Top Survival Tips From Preppers


A few years ago, there wasn’t much help for anyone looking to prep up for survival, following a natural disaster, terrorist attack, or anything that could lead to massive destruction. However, with the increasing awareness and help from the Internet, there is a lot one can do to make sure they’re prepared for any calamity that may strike.

Here are some of the top Survival Tips from preppers:

Take it easy:

  • Just get started with a deep breath. Do not allow your lack of experience or fear to get the better of you. Once you make up your mind, all you need to do is take the first step. There are plenty of articles and blogs online, that you can learn different techniques from. Don’t let lazy cynics tell you that it’s not worth the hard work.

Stick to the basics:

  • Don’t stress out about long term supply. Plan for a 3-7 day emergency provision initially. With more experience and confidence, you can increase your plans for a month’s or even year’s emergency supply. For now though, stick to the basics, go easy on yourself and start modestly. This translates into water (around one gallon per person, per day), first aid supplies, non-perishable or canned food items, and some prescription pills.

Prepare a transport and communication plan:

  • Imagine a normal day at work, and suddenly a disaster strikes; with no communication or transportation plan, how do you think you’re going to contact your family at home? For this reason, you and your family need to have a plan that all of you can use, regardless of where you are, to connect with each other in case of an emergency. Think of a meeting place that will be easy for all of you to reach, and run a couple of drills so you are familiar with the whole process and are aware of any obstacles and how to overcome them.

Prepare for the most likely natural disaster:

  • Every geographical location is exposed to natural disasters in some way. No matter how prepared your government thinks it is to deal with such crises, it can never be sufficient. Additionally, you should always be prepared to deal with a crisis on your own. In such a case, it is necessary for you to know what to prepare for. Do you live in an earthquake prone zone? Or if you live close to the sea, you should be more prepared for a hurricane or tsunami.

Acquire Basic Skills:

  • This is one of the most important things you may need in the aftermath of a disaster, terrorist attack, or any other event that may hinder the normal way of life.  Acquire basic skills such as gardening, cooking, hunting, fishing, etc. Go camping in order to learn how to live in the outdoors, how to build a fire, how to cook without the luxuries you find in a normal kitchen, among others. Camping in the wild will also help you recognize some of the obstacles and you may learn how to overcome them. Camping and hiking with your family can also help increase awareness about how to survive outdoors and you will be able to identify your family members’ weaknesses.

These are some of the most important and basic tips that you need to keep in mind as you start prepping. Apart from these, you can find plenty others on how to stock up your survival supplies and what you should focus on when stocking up.

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James Smith is a survivalist, who loves to write about survival skills and techniques that can be extremely helpful and can prevent any bad situation in becoming worse. Follow him on twitter @jamessmith1609.

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