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What would you do?

If you are a patriotic observant American there is a good chance you’ve been attempting to stay abreast of the numerous assaults on our civil liberties. The internet is full of articles and videos documenting a daunting amount of ‘evidence’ that we are on the edge of a totalitarian police state. As you attempt to study the multitude of material it can at times feel as if you’re pulled in ten different directions. Will the economy collapse; are they moving to take our guns; are they taking our free speech; what does it all mean and how does it tie together.

The intent of this article is to give a broad overview of how I strongly believe it all ties together, and how I suspect it will likely play out. More so though is the hope that my writing encourages you to brainstorm the possible scenarios and decide on how you will deal with the scenario should it come to fruition.
As I started out there are so many trails of conspiracy from every angle it almost seems impossible to decide what’s true and if true, what is the end game intent. Below I will quickly summarize a few highlights for this article, however I encourage you to read up on both the ones below as well as seek out information on the numerous movements I don’t cover here.

The Patriot Act – A blatant violation of the IV and V Amendments among other liberties.

National Defense Authorization Act – A further infringement on individual rights; to include clauses such as “ The indefinite detention clause.

Department of Homeland Security – Purchase of 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition, much of which was hollow point and shotgun (not for training use); the labeling of “returning combat vets” as a significant terrorist threat by the Secretary; the appointment of officials with ties to Muslim Brotherhood. How about the ‘zombie apocalypse exercise’ conducted in 2012 in which agents shot and killed (training) unarmed civilians dressed as zombies?

Assault on the 2nd Amendment – The continual push from officials to restrict the ownership of firearms as well as the effort to thwart any legal and Constitutionally endorsed militia forming or activity.

Assault on the 1st Amendment – The push for the Fairness Act and continual attempts at regulating all other sources of media and speech (internet, etc..). The assault against Christianity by perverting the Amendment created to protect the practice into one supposedly created to protect from the practice.
Disregard for National Financial Security – The extreme amount of spending and welfare programs which seem hell bent on bankrupting the Nation; let alone quantitative easing ( high level of pumping unbacked currency into an already stressed economy).

FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations – A leaked military manual (2010) which covers the detention and reeducation of Americans along with the establishment of the camps. (Look it up and download it)

FEMA Camps being established – See FM 3-39.40 for use of such camps.

These are but just a few of the concerning highlights, and as you dig deeper into any of the major topics listed below you will surely find yourself going down one rabbit hole after another. So what does this all mean; how are they related? Most Americans have been content to sit idly by (or even endorse) as blatantly unconstitutional legislation is passed with extreme measures allowable, due to the apologist for such legislation and the fact that for the most part their lives remain unaffected. The spill from the apologist goes something like this; ‘A lot of right wing fanatics are making a big deal about a small piece of a large work. Of course you can concoct a ridiculous scenario in which that little piece could be used to violate your rights, but let’s look at what it is. It’s used for your protection against terrorist threat. You have to be willing to flex a little in the name of national security.’ That’s if they even bother to placate the public outcry. In spite of what the mouth pieces may say, all anti Constitutional legislation is significant and should be viewed as an omen of things to come.

So, back to the question of ‘how is it all linked?’ I will attempt to give you my abbreviated explanation of not only how it’s linked, but also how I envision the plan unfolding. The chain of events goes something like this. Crisis (whether orchestrated or actual)=Legislate restrictions (repeating cycle) eventually reaching a Major Crisis = equals implementing full measure of previous legislation. Now to put it in historical context and align these cycles with recent real world events let’s look at the following.

On September 11, 2001 the US suffered the worst terrorist attack in our history. This attack served as grounds to establish and pass the Patriot Act which blatantly violates the Constitution on the grounds of security. The people (for the most part) accept this as they are struck with fear induced by the recent events. Over the last decade this act has been utilized to violate the rights of numerous Americans, most of which were not ‘terror’ threat related. In 2005 the southeast was struck by Hurricane Katrina; New Orleans is put under Martial Law and police go house to house confiscating law abiding citizen’s guns. These are two examples of the repeating cycle mentioned above. Over time these cycles are tested in practice and legislation is slowly entered into the system. The practice runs help to condition the civil servants and the populace to cooperative action under extenuating circumstances. All of this is done with an end game in mind and I truly believe we are very close to that end now.

I expect in the near future something will cause a collapse of our economic system causing the dollar to essentially become worthless overnight. This could be caused by a government shutdown that results in default and loss of confidence around the world in the dollar (although I don’t believe we are quite there yet). It could be caused by the international market moving away from the dollar for the oil trade or many other means. Regardless of the supposed cause it will be intentional. When this occurs the vast majority of American will fall into full fledged panic at the realization they have no way to feed their families. This panic and cry for help from the government facilitates a ‘legitimate’ need to impose Martial Law for the safety of the public and the crisis is worked out. It is during this period of Martial Law that a new (likely World – major players) government will be stood up and their currency adopted. To assist in appeasing the public they may even offer a currency exchange for the citizens. At this point we are no longer a sovereign nation.

So the question I pose is what would you do? I pose this question primarily to our civil servants. I know the great majority of our Service member, police, and numerous 3 letter agency agents are all very patriotic and loyal Americans. What I fear is that majority of them are asleep and will be caught by surprise like the rest of the country and believe they are doing what is in the best interest of the nation. In reality they will be turning on their own people and violating the oath to defend the Constitution that they swore upon. By the time they realize all of this it will be too late and the system will be in place.

I encourage you all, whether you believe the scenario or not to at least ask yourself the question and determine your answer now. If you have not already; please read on the Omega Project and join the movement.