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The Sinaloa Cartel Is Alive And Thriving Without El Chapo: VICE News Tonight



The Sinaloa drug cartel is the largest cartel in the world, and it’s estimated to rake in billion a year. VICE News visited Mexico’s Golden Triangle, the stronghold of the Sinaloa cartel, just days before the extradition of drug lord El Chapo.

A decade ago, Mexico declared war on the country’s drug cartels, deploying the military to dismantle them. That means destroying their drug crops.

“They do the destruction by hand and also with fumigation with air force planes,” Cmdr. Cesar Augusto Bonilla told VICE News in the “Golden Triangle,” which is notorious for its marijuana and poppy production. “They collect everything that’s been destroyed, and continue to incinerate it.”

These types of raids are supposed to cut into the cartel’s profits, just as the arrest of kingpins like El Chapo are supposed to cripple trafficking networks by removing their top commanders. But even after his decade-long imprisonment, and now as he faces extradition, the organization El Chapo built is very much intact.

“Nothing has changed here,” the local boss said. “Drug trafficking will never end.”

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  1. The problem ain't the cartels its the junkies here in America. if there wasn't so many junkies in the US maybe theses cartels would be out of work.

  2. if these morons didnt fight over drug turfs or gangs affiliations, there wouldnt be so much deaths

  3. The US will Crumble and be over thrown. What sucks is everybody gonna be forced to use plastic. The US hasent seen hard times yet. Maybe Mexico will buy USA.

  4. The Drug Cartel of Donald Trump laundering Drug Money in Florida is El Chapo's enemy.. and Mexico's enemy.

    El Chapo for President!

  5. El chapo was never the main boss, everyone in Sinaloa and all over MX knows that El Mayo is the boss…

  6. these guys are willing to risk their lives just to deliver the news, now that's fucking dedication if I ever saw it, hats off

  7. El Chapo ranks in 3 billion a year. Thats a lot. While Ndrangheta mafia bring in 60 billion or more. The Cosa Nostra are everywhere. The Ndrangheta are even stronger.

  8. People just do not understand the situation. El chapos arrest was a message to the cartels, that no matter how powerful they are, they are not immune to the law. Not just that, but with el chapo out of the game, the group has replaced him with a less experienced boss. And that boss will probably be arrested by the end of the year as well.

  9. Los culpables somos todos. mientras que siga LA demanda de Los gringos y estrangeros nunca le pondran fin a La prodruccion. hasta que sacan la cabeza Del culo, es LA unica manera que podriamos superar

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