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The Most Important Security Measure You Should Take For your Home


Being that OGC is in the business of Defensive Training you may well expect that this article would somehow tie to that, however you would be wrong. While we absolutely profess quality security training is a critical factor in your personal security it is not the first thing I recommend to those interested in securing their home. In fact you could say in some ways I’m going to tell you to hand off the workload, at least part of it.

So what it you say? I profess the most important security measure you can take for your home is to get a dog. Preferably an indoor dog that could do great harm to an intruder, however even a small yelper could very well provide you the life saving advantage you need while asleep in your bed.

vicious-dog-attackNow please don’t mistake this article as stating that a dog is a complete home security plan. There are ways to defeat them and criminals that can and are willing to do just that. With that said a dog is in my opinion one of the absolute best early warning systems available as well as an excellent level of physical protection if it has the proper disposition and training. In fact I would go so far as to recommend having a total of four. Two that live outside and two that live inside. This provides you multiple layers of redundant security before you ever have to face the threat. With that said I realize that is probably more than the average individual is invest into their home security.

So let’s consider a single dog. Even a small non threatening dog can provide you a good early warning system, however I would recommend a larger breed to also facilitate a larger deterent factor as well as true physical protection against a home invader. Two of my personal favorite choices are the Belgian Malanois or a Wolf Hybrid, however there are numerous great breeds to choose from that are more than up to the task.

A few other tips I would offer:

Spend the time to train the dog properly.
This in itself could be a complete article and for that matter books are written on the subject. In relation to this article it is important to train it to proper aggression (when to be aggressive and when not to) as well as proper barking discipline. It does you little good if the dog barks constantly and becomes something you ignore rather than take notice of. It also does little good if the dog lets every stranger approach your home with it’s tail wagging.

Show the dog affection, however DO NOT TREAT it as one of the family. I struggle on this aspect personally with my wife who passionately loves animals. The problem is that dogs are pack creatures and either leaders or followers. Trying to wear both hats merely confuses the dog and leads to ill behavior.

Please feel free to share your opinions on breeds and the topic below.