The Collapse
At 0200 AM your wind up alarm clock sounded. You quickly and anxiously rose from your bed and began to execute your prepared task list. You and your wife had made the decision yesterday that the time to ‘pop smoke’ as you put it was now. As you quickly began to wake from the fog of sleep you still couldn’t believe how fast everything had happened in the last few days. Although you had been anticipating a collapse for a few years now you had always envisioned it as a slower and steady decline, not the sudden plummet off the cliff the Nation had just experienced. In hind sight you recognize that we had been on that slow decline for quite some time now.
The red flag for you was the run on the banks that occurred three days ago. Despite the governments assurances that they would be providing another bank bail out and the Federal Reserve’s promise more money (Quantitative Easing) was currently being printed, the public fear could not be quelled this time. With drastic interest rate spikes and rapid inflation over the last few months it appears the ‘earners and savers’ of the US had come to a breaking point and decided to put their money elsewhere (precious metals, foreign currency, etc.). Within a 12 hour period all banks in the Nations had shut their doors and posted “Closed until further notice” signs in their windows. In essence the run on the banks was a self fulfilling prophecy and within hours caused a National banking default.
A trip to the local grocery store that night further reinforced just how bad things had gotten. The shelves were already starting to quickly empty and the prices were being rapidly increased as shoppers gathered goods. Each register had an additional staff member re-pricing items in line trying to keep up with the rapid inflationary rise (2). By day two the hyperinflation had gotten so bad that money had essentially become worthless and the inner city dwellers began to loot. Most cities and even smaller towns were enforcing curfews due to the civil unrest.
Electrical power had been sporadic at best since the bank run. It seemed as if the entire house of cards was falling at once. By the afternoon of day two you knew you had come to the point your family had been rehearsing a couple of years now, but you still wanted to see a few triggers met. You received your final trigger via the radio that evening. A public service message announced that Homeland Security had begun to dispatch teams to metropolitan areas to ‘assist’ in containing the civil unrest; followed by a lengthy detailed list of instructions to the citizens required for their cooperation.
It was at this point you knew we had reached the point of no return. The economy had collapsed and we were rapidly moving into a chaotic society governed by a police state. You along with everyone else had no idea what new government would take form or how order and civilization would be brought back to this once great Nation, but you did know, it would get much worse before it got better.
As you woke the family, everyone quickly and orderly moved to the foyer where their respective “go bags” and one box of family heirlooms were waiting to be loaded into your 1984 GMC Suburban (bought specifically for its resistance to EMP (3)). Each member grabbed their bags and firearm then quickly moved to the vehicle. By 02:30 AM the entire family was loaded and ready to begin the 162 mile journey to the Phoenix Colony. You did one last check to ensure you had enough firewood for the journey; you converted the GMC to run on gasification a year ago; and you began your voyage to a new life. Although you did have some fear and trepidation of the times ahead you also unexpectedly felt a sense of excitement as you and your family were escaping the growing chaos and moving to a place of safety.
As you came to RR134 you spotted Dave’s old truck just as the two of you had coordinated last night. As another member of the Colony and a family friend he and his family would carpool with you for the remainder 53 miles. You didn’t stop to talk there would be plenty of time for that later, instead you merely gave one flash of the lights and gently slowed down to allow him time to match your speed; which he did eagerly.
Finally the Colony entrance was in sight! You had no problem finding your way as you had been here numerous times over the last two and a half years. You had come 6 times on vacations and long weekends just to escape the city life and enjoy the outdoors, and you had been here three times for training that came along with your membership in the Colony. You and your wife especially liked the civilian defensive course you took last year and the kids really enjoyed the Family wilderness survival course.
As you pulled to the entrance you saw the familiar face of Tim Stanton pulling guard duty along with another fellow at a distance you couldn’t quite make out in the early morning light. Although you’ve known Tim for some time now he still followed protocol and requested your Colony credentials. You happily obliged, exchanged pleasantries and proceeded through the gate towards your cabin.
At the cabin you quickly unloaded and discussed what items you would retrieve from your cache at your sea land container located elsewhere on the compound. It was decided that your oldest son would accompany you to help you load it all into the GMC. The Colony was a beautiful 180 acre training facility that housed an extensive range complex with mock urban areas, offensive driving track, and a challenging wilderness training area, but also acted as an immediate small town Colony for catastrophic events such as this. There was a communal aquaponics setup that provides an abundant supply of Tilapia and some garden vegetables, and in addition to that each family had their own plot of land for a personal garden and a plot in the Co-op communal garden plot as well. If you so chose to pay the annual upkeep fee you could even have livestock kept and raised for you on the compound so you would literally fall in on a turn-key homestead. You were thankful for your membership last year during the aftermath of the hurricane that hit your area, but nothing compared to the peace of mind you now felt. While you enjoyed the vacation benefits of the membership the true purpose of the Colony was now being realized. It was quite comforting realizing that you had secured your place in a tight knit community beforehand and would reap the benefits from here on out.
After you settled in you ventured out to town square, which was what everyone called the local gathering place outside the General store. Through catching up with the community you found out that the Colony was currently populated with 85 percent of its members and the rest were expected to arrive in the 36 hours. You also discovered that John had already made contact with 12 other Omega Group Colonies on the Ham radio that were standing up their town as well. Talk of the rebuild effort was already buzzing among the group. Although the Nation had finally come to collapse under the weight of irresponsible decisions, for the first time in years you felt hope of a better tomorrow.
Please note that although this is a work of fiction the story conveyed could very likely become a reality and the threats mentioned may likely (and have-see footnotes) occur. The story attempts to convey some of the benefits of investing in a membership in the Phoenix Colony and linking other Colonies (survival groups) together through the Omega Group Network.
For Information on becoming a Phoenix Colony investor or affiliating a current colony with Omega Group please contact us.
(1) In the Weimar Republic (Germany) they witnessed rapid hyperinflation as the economy (Republic) collapsed. A quick example; in June 1921 the Mark was valued at 330 per US Dollar, by Jun of 1922 that number had changed to 8,000 Marks per dollar.
• To put that in perspective that would be the equivalent of a gallon of milk costing $3.00 today and $69.76 in one year’s time. Eventually the hyperinflation grew to a point the money was useless. People burned it for a heat source as it was cheaper than acquiring the same weight in firewood.
(2) This actually occurred in Argentina during their economic collapse in the late 1990’s.
(3) EMP stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse. It is a byproduct of a nuclear blast and disables all electronics within line of sight. An atmospheric nuclear detonation is a considerable threat to the United States due to the potential catastrophic affects and ease of employment. Older vehicles that do not rely on micro computers will survive and EMP strike while all others will be instantly disabled.