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The Children and Wives of ISIS (HBO)



The Children and Wives of ISIS (HBO)

Nine months into the campaign to retake Mosul, Iraqi forces now have ISIS fighters surrounded in the Old City. But the ruthless militants still have women and children to use as human shields, which could make their last stand the most gruesome stage of the battle.

Last December, they used the same brutal tactic 2,000 miles away in the Libyan port city of Sirte — ISIS’s largest stronghold outside Iraq and Syria.

As VICE News’ Seb Walker reports, in those last desperate days the fighters even used members of their own family as collateral.

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  1. Mosul should have been leveled in 2014 along with everyone in it. Those fuckers sided with the IS, they should pay the price for it.

  2. I don't care which side you're on this is fucking tragic. THESE are the real casualties of war. I'm so disgusted by the selfishness of ISIS. I'm really upset watching this.

  3. Arab christian faith before the VI century. No 72 virgin waiting the martyrs in heaven, just sleep until the resurrection. This is the truth. For ISIS fighters: Put your guns down and go back for study your true ancient faith!

    Encyclopédie de Diderot (1765)
    THNETOPSYCHITES – (Histoire ecclésiastique) anciens hérétiques, croyant que l'âme humaine était parfaitement semblable à celle des bêtes, et qu'elle mourait avec le corps. Voyez AME. Ce mot est composé du grec , mortel, et , âme. On ne trouve nulle part ces hérétiques que dans S. Jean Damascène, héres. xc. à-moins qu'ils ne soient les mêmes que ceux dont parle Eusebe, hist. ecclésiast. liv. IX. c. xxxviij. où il est dit que du temps d'Origène il y avait en Arabie des hérétiques, croyant que l'âme humaine mourait avec le corps, mais qu'elle ressusciterait avec le corps à la fin du monde. Eusebe ajoute qu'Origène réfuta ces hérétiques dans un concile nombreux, et qu'il les fit revenir de leurs erreurs. S. Augustin et Isidore les appellent hérétiques arabes. Marshal, dans ses tables, a défiguré ce mot faute de l'entendre, car il l'écrit thenopsychites, au-lieu de thnetopsychites : il les place aussi dans le sixième siècle, mais on ne peut deviner sur quel fondement il l'a fait.

  4. I'm an American born Muslim after seeing this video just seeing those beautiful angels trying their best at staying positive Helping and pushing one another kills me I've never cried so much. I would never wish such lives on anyone's child. so fucking sad just to know this is the everyday shit going on in the world that we live in today. my first son is just turning 3 months in 3 days and brings so much fear and sadness knowing I have to raise my baby in such an evil world. and as for all you racist pieces of shit as I've already mentioned earlier I am an American Muslim and I'm proud my Muslim father died fighting for this country during the Vietnam War. so for a sec if u want to think these terrorists pigs are Muslim or if we all agree with the scum bags just proves how ignorant u cowards are bc these woman and children dying are all of god's creation just like you and I are!

  5. So sad the poor children they did,nt ask to be born can they be adopted by people out side of there country & be given a better life

  6. Someone needs to tell those soldiers/fighters that you don't shoot automatic weapons like Rambo did in the movies.

  7. Those (presumably) women are still wearing the female ISIS uniform. Lets talk about the BILLIONS of muslims who choose NOT to fight ISIS/extremism and why that may be, eh? I wonder how many of these kids will join whatever terrorist group comes along in 10yrs.

  8. isis are all a bunch of Tranny's and candy asses and goat fuckers! I'd love to shove pigs meat down their throats!

  9. Guys who do you think caused this destruction its definitely not ISIS its fucking America and Russia bombing the shit out of the country reducing it to ruble. If the people dont have a military well at least one thats not killing them who else do they turn America and Russia created this problem. You lot have the cacpicaty to call ISIS monsters (They are) but bombing civilians is fucking beyond being a monster…

    • Actually, America goes out of its way to avoid attacking civilians, wherever possible, and their goofy rules of engagement put their soldiers at added risk all the time.

  10. If only the people of the UK, US and Canada would tell their governments "Hey guys. Can we stop funding ISIS?"

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