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Survival Hack: Start a Fire with an empty lighter


Most who dabble in survival are aware that an empty lighter can still provide the need spark to create a fire. In this video I give a quick demonstration of the technique I found that works best for me. If you have another way you prefer then please feel free to share. Either way if you haven’t practiced this I would encourage you to do so. As with all things it’s always better to have the knack of it before you need it, and in this case possible wasting precious or hard scavenged tinder.

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Shane Blevins
Shane Blevins retired from the US Army at 20 years of service. During his career he served in Special Operations and the US Army SERE School. He is currently a senior program developer for OGC and operates an online entrepreneurial network. He is happily married to his wife Jennifer and has 5 children.