Is radical Islam our generation’s most dangerous ideology? Is it comparable to what Nazism and Communism were in the 20th century? Or are Islamists no more dangerous than extremist Christians, Jews, and Buddhists? Raymond Ibrahim, author of “The Al Qaeda Reader,” explains what radical Islam is, and shows how Muslims and non-Muslims alike can help defeat it.

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  1. This is what Islam contributed since it's foundation:

    1). Conquered the Middle East, Central Asia, North Africa and Southern Europe?
    2). It produced some of the best scientists in the world, who have invented Algebra and advanced many scientific fields.
    3). Guitar, coffee, hospital, surgical Innovations, optics – were all Muslim inventions.

    Thank you, Muslims for advancing the world. Thank you, Allah for making me born in a Muslim country, family as I will do my best to earn your forgiveness and go to Jannah.

  2. what about indonesia? Indonesia has 250.000.000 people and most of them are muslims. Do they have sharia law? No! just go there if dont believe it. Hillary Clinton said that if you want to see a place where islam, modern culture, traditional values, tolerance, go to indonesia. This country often goes unnoticed.

  3. This video is the definition of half truths and whole lies. Makers of this video and people like Anjem Choudary
    are one in the same.

  4. I just read that Russia are going to carry out airstrikes against Syrian targets i.e. ISIS. I guess that will help Isis to calm down a notch, but if they manage to duck and survive it it might just make ISIS even more angry 😕. Oh heck 😨

  5. It is not islamism.  It is Islam.   "Radical" Islam is TRUE Islam.  Moderates are simply not real Muslims unless they are deceiving us, because the first step of Jihad implies lying, deceiving, claiming "that is not Islam…" about horrible things which are in fact the purest expression of Islam, that is, they mirror what Mohammed did.

  6. The world's most dangerous ideology is not "islamism" it's ISLAM – they are one and the same: the evil doctrine of the self-proclaimed "prophet", a murderer, bandit, sadist, slaver, serial rapist and sexual pervert who adopted the name "Muhammad"

  7. Just wanted to note that Sudan split into Sudan and South Sudan. The map missed that.

    Other than that, great video.

  8. Islamic doctrine is profoundly dualistic (see Koran 2:106 or 16:101, but verses in the official Koran are not in the order Mohammed dictated them): Sharia Law is an extrapolation, condensation and codification of "eternal and perfect" Islamic doctrine: the holy Koran (dictated by Mohammed) and prophet Mohammed’s Sunnah: his most trusted biography, by Ibn Ishaq and “traditions” in various, trusted Hadith collections (Needed because 91 verses in the Koran tell believers to obey and imitate Mohammed in all things for all time – Yes, it's all about Mohammed!) by Islam’s finest scholars, enshrined in “Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law” (bridging most of the many self-contradictions in Islamic doctrine since 1368AD), endorsed by al-Azhar University in Cairo (the seat of Sunni scholarship since the tenth century) and by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (the Muslim Brotherhood’s think-tank).       Wherever there are two or more Sunni Muslims, there is Sharia law.     Shi’ia Muslims, however, do not trust many hadiths (not unlike short police reports from witness interviews) the Sunni rely upon and adhere to many that the Sunni reject.     This difference causes each to consider the other as hypocrites; warranting murder.    Sharia law defines jihad as a "communal obligation."     Identifying those participating, whether called or volunteering in jihad as somehow different ("Islamists"), categorizes those who have not yet been called or volunteered as something else ("moderates"?) is delusional.

  9. What really make Islam dangerous is inbreeding. You a dealing with a group of people that have a high rate of mental illness. Type in inbreed Muslims on You Tube and sit back and watch the Freak Show.

  10. This is suggesting that Capitalism is great without negative side effects. I do not understand why he even mentioned Communism in this video. Communism is about giving power to the workers who actually do the work. Whereas Capitalism is about exploiting workers for profit.

    I wonder if they will release a video about Christianism and how dangerous it is. For example wishing the end of the world would happen. Denying lawfully given rights, as well as spreading hatred for other religions as some do.

  11. Easily the deadliest ideology to ever exist. Though on a per capita basis, communism is more deadly. Both are awful.

  12. Although i fully do not support terrorism or the like, but what do you expect to happen when you topple a leader and resource becomes scarce.
    It's either starve to death or aim to take control and steal.
    Why is it so hard for most people to understand this? simple human behavior.

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