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Improvisation – This is an 8 hour course that covers a wide array on making a little go a long way. From preserving eggs without refrigeration to quickly creating an improvised bunker. You’ll not only leave this course with a lot of great improv’s in your tool bag, but more importantly you’ll leave with a new mindset that will aide you in the art of improvising.

6BUG OUT BAG creation and implementation

This is a course we offer to those who buy our BOBs. It will last approximately 60-90 minutes. We will teach you how to pack it, and discuss the implementation of the contained items. You can bring your entire immediate family to the class regardless of the number of bags you purchase.

5Prepping Fundamentals

This is an excellent course for the new prepper as well as a great course to educate significant others on the importance on prepping. We discuss in detail the ‘Why’ of prepping and dive into various important aspects and ways to get started. The class last about 3 hours.

4Home Canning

We offer various home canning course dealing with everything from general canning to specific creations. From basic understanding to comfortably skilled the choice is up to you.

3HAM Radio Operator Course

This class covers the operation of HAM Radio and runs you through preparing for and receiving your license.

2Colonization Fundamentals

This class covers the importance of colonization and educates you on the process of how to start a local colony.

1Where there is no doctor

This course is trained by qualified medics (and preppers) and covers education on emergency medical procedures and dilemmas when conventional treatment is unavailable. This is a great course for those going to third world countries (ie. missionaries) as well.

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Shane Blevins
Shane Blevins retired from the US Army at 20 years of service. During his career he served in Special Operations and the US Army SERE School. He is currently a senior program developer for OGC and operates an online entrepreneurial network. He is happily married to his wife Jennifer and has 5 children.