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Pasture Raised Pigs (Video & Transcript)


Video By Craig Country Work
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Number of speakers: 1 Craig Turczynski
Duration: 5 min 08 sec

Pasture Raised Pigs

“Ok, this is our pig paddock. You can see here it is a portion of the pasture that has been fenced off with electric fence. It’s a temporary electric fence so it can be taken down and put back up if we need to. We utilize the forested areas of the pasture for the pigs. Because it’s of little value to the cattle since there’s not a lot of grass growing and the interior portion and we are utilizes Joe Saltines philosophy out of Virgina. It is a concept where the pigs are brought in and they provide an adequate amount of disturbance to the soil. Essentially tilling it as well as putting down fertilizer in their droppings and with the right amount of disturbance, not to much that is, you end up with an improvement actually to the ground. So after we take the pigs off of here they will give the pasture a rest and they will be, this ground will be allowed to grow back up with natural grasses before they will be brought back in again.”

“You can see here that they have a little mud hole that they use here by the water that was created by us providing fresh water to them everyday. We also sprinkle them down when it’s really hot and so we have the barrel that has what we call a hog nipple on it. You can see here the pig drinking from the hog nipple. Then we have the tubs that we actually flush out and clean out and replenish about twice a day so they have plenty of fresh water. Studies have shown that animal livestock that get pure water equivalent to what humans like to drink actually improves their production.”

pasture raised pigs

“So, if you want to take a walk with me down to the rest of the pasture here. This is where their fed. We do feed them by hand twice a day so we can monitor the amount of feed that they’re getting and you know, making sure that their all healthy and their appetites are good. You can also see here that we have an adequate amount of forage still for them in this pasture. You can see the hog droppings. Of course it’s been really dry here. We haven’t had rain for a good month and a half. You can see how cracked the soil is here.”

“So they have all of this area. We are a small operation so we probably have maybe a dozen pigs per acre. This area, again, depending on the conditions, how much rain we’re getting, what the temperature is, we rotate them accordingly to other areas so they don’t overly disturb the soil. This is the pond area that they have. You can see it gives them plenty of area to wallow and to cool themselves during the hot afternoons.”

“Again, an electric fence is all we use to keep the pigs in. Relatively easy to use and inexpensive. You can see again here that we have plenty of forage for them still. In most of the pastures.”

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