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One hundred Deadly Skills Book Review


100 Deadly Skills by Clint Emerson
Book review by James C. Jones

book 3Most of the skills are not actually “deadly”, but they are mostly illegal under normal circumstances. Clint Emerson is a retired Navy Seal and he shares some very nasty techniques in “100 Deadly Skills“. Yes, there are only a few that are actually deadly, but many could be lifesaving under survival conditions. A few skills are probably impractical for most of us such as using parachute drops and scuba gear to infiltrate enemy borders, but there is a lot of good trade-craft such as how to detect and lose surveillance, shoot from a vehicle, detect a tracking device, follow a car or person, and deceive surveillance cameras. There are instructions on all kinds of ways to pick different kinds of locks including handcuffs, steal vehicles, escape hostage situations and improvise weapons. There certainly are some nasty items like how to avoid leaving DNA and fingerprints, not leaving any digital trail and how to get rid of a body. I would say that 90% of the content could be useful in survival situations.  Most of the skills can easily be mastered with a little practice and trial-and-error.

(APN Editors Note: We do not support in any way, shape fashion or form for you to practice getting rid of a dead body, shooting from your vehicle, killing anyone, stealing cars, or breaking into anyone’s home or business. Those things may be harmful to your health and can lead to death or imprisonment.)

The best thing about this book is its format. Each skill is covered in just one page of text and one facing page of illustrations. The illustrations are how-to boxes reminiscent of some old Vietnam era military manuals or illustrated novels. Very easy to digest and understand. This little 5 ½ x 8 inch, 256 page book has some stuff I did not have in my (50-years accumulation) library, and that takes some doing. I think you’ll like it. From Simon and Shuster. www.Simonandshuster.com. $ 18.00 US.

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