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MRE’s In’s and Outs (Video & Transcript)


Video By: Black Scout Survival
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MRE’s In’s and Outs (Video & Transcript)


Jack: “Hey guys, Jack Rich with Black Scout Survival. We are talking about MRE’s. Meals ready to eat, breakfast, lunch and dinner warriors around the globe. The MRE is a self-contained, one meal, that can with stand exposure to harsher environments elements. It is sealed in a package and is pretty heavy in the state it comes in. Normally when I was in operation overseas we would field strip these to cut down on weight.”

“A single meal last about three years at 80° temperatures. The thing is, these things are not supposed to be commercially sold. They have to stay in their own package. You can find them at gun shows, eBay or what not. The thing is, is that MRE’s don’t have an expiration date on them. So whenever you buy an MRE in the package it comes in, it could be bad, you never know.”

“The only way you can tell if an MRE is good or bad is by the box it comes in. The box it comes in will have the date it was produced, the inspection date which is three years form the date it was produced. On the box you will see a little red sticker that looks like a doughnut. If the doughnut matches the inside of the circle, the two colors match so it looks like an O that means the package has gone bad because of the temperature of use . So just be real careful when you buy MRE’s unless you buy them in the case. You buy them in the case then you know what kind of condition they’ve been kept in.”


“As I’ve said, each MRE is on average 1,250 calories. We’ll open up the MRE for those that are not familiar with it. The MRE comes with a variety of things. It comes with the main meal or entree. It comes with a side item. It comes with cheese or peanut butter or jelly. It will come with wheat bread or crackers or some kind of bread. Usually come with some kind of cookies, or brownies or cakes. This one comes with M&M’s some will call it candy. This one came with cappuccino mocha. Some will come with milk shakes and what not. Then you’ll have an accessory pack, it usually comes with hot sauce, some gum, and matches, toilet paper, moist toilette and some sort of drink mix to and a spoon.”




“Basically a lot of good stuff you know,, these area good for camping, disaster situations, your bug out bag you know. I would, if you’re gonna carry them; I would not carry them in the sealed case it comes in. I would take it out and get rid of non-essential items and maybe put it back in its case or a Ziploc bag. These obviously can be used as tinder. These cardboard boxes.”





“How you heat up an MRE , or how I heat up an MRE, I see a lot of people do it a lot of different ways. You’ll take the heater and tear off the top of it and fill water up to the line. What I’ll do, I see a lot of people just put the meals in the hot water bag itself, but what I normally do is put the heater in the card board box and then put the meal and the entree on both sides and set it just like that and let it heat up on both sides. The good thing about MRE’s is you don’t have to heat up. You can eat them just like they are. When I was on patrol I would eat it just as is and not heat it up.”

“That is information about an MRE that is hopefully helpful. Thank for watching Black Scout.”

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