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More on the Zika Virus


It appears that more and more keeps popping up about this new nasty virus. Only time will tell if it’s a small scale outbreak or a full fledged pandemic. This morning as I was researching I discovered two worthy pieces to share with you on the topic today. One is directly related to Zika and the other is not currently, but I’m curious if there is a possible link so I’ll discuss it as well.

First:zika is now linked with another brain disease.

“Some people infected with the Zika virus may develop a rare neurological disorder that is similar to multiple sclerosis, a new study from Brazil suggests.

The study reports two cases of people who were infected with the Zika virus and who later developed a condition called acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM). In people with this condition, the body’s own immune system causes swelling in the brain and spinal cord, and damages the protective coating of nerve fibers called myelin.” source:http://news.discovery.com

Second: There is an unknown illness taking the lives of infants in Africa

“Nakuru – A mysterious disease has claimed lives of at least 23 infants in Kenya’s Nakuru and Baringo counties in the past four weeks.

Area Senator James Mungai has since called for the intervention of the ministry of health to address the issue.

The disease -which is exhibiting symptoms such as high fever, coughing, body weakness and sweating -was initially thought to be viral pneumonia, but tests by the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)were negative.

Mungai said at least 215 cases have so far been confirmed, with babies aged between one day and 11 months being the most affected.

KEMRI officers have already started investigating the cases, Daily Nation reports.

This is not the first epidemic to be reported in the counties.

Last year, reportsindicated that over 60 people died from cholera outbreak due to poor hygiene and improper sewerage.” source:http://www.bignewsnetwork.com

Could this be related to the Zika virus? Likely not, however it does warrant investigation (as I’m sure they are). Regardless, even if not related it is yet one more nasty virus to contend with.