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Why Mobile Training Makes Sense

At OGC and BSCG we recognize that there are many factors Clients must consider when selecting a school house or seeking professional education. One that often proves to be preventative is the issue of location. That’s why we’ve developed a Mobile Training Team (MTT) option that guarantees the same top notch instruction and world class experience we offer at our Headland, AL campus anywhere in the United States.* Best of all, in most cases Mobile Training can help reduce cost and enhance convenience exponentially. We do not charge a fee for MTTs other than the cost of travel and lodging for our Instructor Staff.** Team building, survival, workforce risk mitigation, and shooting courses are just some of the training that are greatly benefited by scheduling the event locally. Take a look at our Points of View tabs below to see why MTTs may be the right solution for you.

When reviewing our course catalogue, just look for the inclusion of “MTT” in the Delivery section of the Course Details to determine if the class is eligible for Mobile Training. We require a minimum of four (4) calendar weeks lead time when requesting a Mobile Training Course/Program. In the event you cannot meet this timeline, we may accept your request inside of the four week window subject to the availability of our Instructors.

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Individuals and Friends

MTT-Personal-POVOrganizing a training event, trip, or adventure for friends and family can be a real hassle. Not to mention the costs associated with airfare, hotel, rental cars, etc. can quickly add up and often overshadow the actual cost of the event itself. Our Mobile Training experts can take away the stress of coordinating those details so all you have to do is show up! Not to mention the comfort of training in your own back yard, particularly for those interested in Wilderness Survival. We come to you and guide you through your favorite trails and sanctuaries. Parents and spouses love the peace of mind in knowing that their family is just a short drive away if they’re needed. The cost savings alone can help put world class training within your reach.

Know of a local shooting range that might be interested in Hosting a Course? Then pass them our information and we’ll take care of the rest.


Business 101 teaches the universal truth: time is money. But seasoned executives and management professionals know that background (37)many times the intangibles matter just as much. That’s why Omega Group Consultants, in partnership with Blue Spear Consulting Group, offer on-site delivery for the majority of our courses. Mobile Training Teams provide the same high quality instruction with unparalleled convenience at significant cost savings over large group resident courses. Imagine your business never skipping a beat because your executives and employees are immediately available should the need arise. Not to mention the comfort of sleeping in your own home after each training day. When compared to the cost of sending dozens or even hundreds of employees to our campus in Headland, Al, the marginal travel and lodging cost of our Instructor Staff teams coupled with the benefits of having your workforce at home may add up to the right solution for your company’s risk mitigation program.

Note: If your facility can not support the capacity of Clients you wish trained we will coordinate a suitable training facility for you at cost of the venue.

Church Groups

church-steepleSpreading the gospel is a joy and privilege in addition to a duty to the Lord. As you prepare to go forth in His honor on mission trips around the world, there are many details to address and issues to resolve. Why not let us take over the coordination of training our brothers and sisters in the comfort of their own church or local area? Also, we can help ensure the maximum amount of all donations goes to those who need it most by reducing the cost by not having to get your congregation or small groups all the way to Headland, AL. It is our pleasure to do anything we can to help deliver critical training to those willingly placing their selves in harm’s way in an effort to educate and save.

Note: If your facility can not support the capacity of clients you wish trained we will coordinate a suitable training facility for you ‘at cost of the venue.

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Shane Blevins
Shane Blevins retired from the US Army at 20 years of service. During his career he served in Special Operations and the US Army SERE School. He is currently a senior program developer for OGC and operates an online entrepreneurial network. He is happily married to his wife Jennifer and has 5 children.