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Lost? A Cow can Help You Out!


Cows, a Navigational Aid !?!?!



Besides being delicious and relatively stupid creatures these four legged behemoths can aide you in locating north. It’s a relatively little known fact that cows tend to point North. Yep, you read that right cows will collectively stand in alignment (magnetic) North/South orientation all over the world. The majority tend to face North. It is believed that they have and internal sense for the magnetic fields.

Granted if you’re lost in the middle of the forest this is not likely going to be of use, however lost in the middle of the woods is but only one situation you may need to determine direction. In the event that you are starving, lost and stumble upon a cow make sure you note the direction of north before making yourself a Porterhouse.

One important consideration when utilizing this technique is that power lines will disrupt this ability. Of course if you are lost and come across cows you are likely close to a rescue source if that’s the drive behind your navigating.

While the survival skill application of this little known fact is minimal at best it is yet one more tid-bit of knowledge to file away in your mental toolbox.

Unrelated to the survival application researchers are looking into other ways this understanding could benefit society such as in the agriculture industry.

*Deer appear to demonstrate a similar pattern to cows.


As an extra interesting fact (at least I think so)

Dogs have been found to have a similar internal compass much like cows. Have you ever seen a dog do circles before finally settling down to business. They are aligning themselves with the magnetic field to a north/south orientation. You will most often witness dogs do this in an unfamiliar area. It is suspected they are aligning and marking the area for navigational purposes. This information though interesting has little navigational benefit, that is unless your lost with a dog I suppose.