Home Tactics INSANE Russian Counter Terror Confidence Drill (Video)

INSANE Russian Counter Terror Confidence Drill (Video)



You’ve never seen anything like this!!!


  1. 3:20 – "Да, пойдем пульнем")) Поймет только русский, это нельзя перевести)))

  2. Not a bad training, but they were never in a war. Croatian antiterrorist unit Lučko (ATJ Lučko, a special police unit) were in a war in Croatia during the '90s, especially in Vukovar where 80000 heavily Serbian military and paramilitary forces attacked the city, while only 2000 low armed Croatian civilians, ATJ Lučko member and volunteers. For 3 months Croatians resisted the occupation, then the politics fucked it all up and the city fell. Enter in Youtube: Vukovar from the air (or Vukovar air footage 1994). It's the most destroyed city in Europe after the WW2, with way more casualties such as concentration camps in which people were brutally tortured, raped, slaughtered, shot, then buried in an uncharted mass graves. But then again, you can't see/hear anything about that in Hollywood movies, can you?

  3. Even we Pashtun dudes in Pakistan ain't screwed 'nuff to do any of this sh!t. Blasting glocks and shit, sure, but when it comes down to slapping bullets in the chamber in case of an emergency, not so much.

  4. Those who speak Russian, what is Andrea saying from 3:33 to 3:45?  He keeps saying something like "stree lie cuh vyoh" (that's what it sounds like at least)

  5. Unless Americans are doing this kind of stuff, American special ops have a lot to worry about if they ever go up against Russia. I'm afraid political correctness is getting in the way of our preparedness for battle. Simple fact is the closer we train to how we fight, the more effective we are. You can't get much closer to actual fighting than getting shot in the chest and then shooting next to someone's head.

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