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How to Plate Push |VIDEO



  1. looks easy but I bet you're going to feel it later, I'll give it a try Monday morning when I'm in the gym.

  2. I love the format of this video. No-nonsense and just enough time to learn each move before it starts so I don't have to watch the whole video first. Really refreshing, I wish all Youtube tutorials were this efficient.

  3. You know it looks easy when they r doing it I do it now ten min every day and it acutely work I find it really easy now to the exercise

  4. Oh my god! I could never imagine myself with abs! After three weeks doing this workout I'm getting a hard belly and the abs are showing themselves. It's affecting my height growth too! My height growth had stopped for 2 years. I grew up 1 inch since 3 weeks ago. Thank you so much for your awesome exercise videos!

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