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How Rats Crawl Up Toilets


How rats crawl up toiletsMany have heard the old myth about snakes wriggling up toilet pipes, some even hearing the old wives’ tale about always being sure to double check the toilet before having a seat, but is the same thing true for rats? The short answer is yes.

Every year, the city of Washington DC gets at least a couple of calls about rodents in civilian toilets, making for a trend that has become all-too familiar with the pest control experts in the area. The problem isn’t too common, but the reasoning behind it is as logical as math. Toilet pipes are connected to the sewer and because sewers are essentially the headquarters for rats, they make for easy gateways into the interior plumbing of our home – but what happens next?

Since rats don’t mind the touch of slime on them or the taste of garbage, they definitely don’t mind crawling up the maze-like structure that makes up the inner pipes of a toilet. Much of this piping is submerged underwater, but because rats are semi-aquatic and excellent swimmers, they’re actually able to dip and dive through the watery tubing, even teaching themselves through human-like techniques on how to come up for breath in times of tight squeezes or crisis.

Another big factor that allows rats to do this is the flexibility of their ribs, allowing them to squeeze through narrow areas that are smaller than their actual bodies. In tight spaces, rats can easily slip out by automatically constricting their ribcage and using their sharp claws to either push forward or pull out.

Although the likelihood of this happening is more expected in larger cities with tons of food lying around, the fact that it can and does actually happen at all is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl


Watch the video below to see how rats crawl up toilets


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