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Gun Grab 101


It’s 4:04 a.m. here in Georgia, USA and no doubt I should be sleeping…but I can’t. I tried but it didn’t work. In fact, I’m not the only one, as I have just been involved in two email conversations and one text message exchange with some folks who you’ve seen on TV, read about in the news, and heard on AAR on many occasions. Seems Obama’s newly released unAmerican gun grab agenda has the gun rights activists preparing for a long week.

Here’s the funny part. Late yesterday afternoon, the petulant man occupying the White House for the next few months ( I know, right!) surrounded himself with other high-ranking unAmericans, most notably new Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, and that other Chicago gangster, Valerie Jarrett, to announce his latest infringements on us law-abiding Americans. While this was not unexpected—and, in fact, I had been predicting his actions for years, I at least thought I would be angered. I wasn’t. Not only was I not angered, I felt this bizarre sense of calmness float over me like a wave.

Okay, let me back up. Yes, at first I was angered, but not for the reasons you might expect. I knew this was coming and as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been predicting it for years. Not a shocker that this hateful and petty excuse for an American president would wrap himself in phony support for the right to bear arms while infringing on every law-abiding citizen who chooses to do just that. No, that’s not what got me. What peed on my corn flakes was the fact that this clown is still president. Every time this guy opens his unAmerican mouth, I shake my head that a man who occupies the White House in a time of global jihad, economic chaos (on a day that saw the Chinese stock markets lose 7.5% of its value and caused the DOW to shed hundreds of points, for example), incredible foreign policy strife in the Middle East, Muslim invasion of Europe, and illegal immigration threatening our very sovereignty, this clown and his posse choose to come after the constitutional rights of Americans. It defies logic…until one realizes that progressive, Democrat-socialist, America-hating unAmericans are not logical. That’s what angers me.

But I digress.

Soon thereafter, I felt this weird sense of calmness wrap around me as it became apparent that this guy is done. I mean finished like an overcooked steak. Put a fork in him. After reading the “recommendations” from his lynch mob unAmerican gun grabbers, I thought, This is it? This is the best you got, pal? At least make it interesting and tell me you want to come and physically take something from me, for crying out loud. Instead we got what we expected all along: a list of made up solutions to nonexistent problems that will do absolutely nothing to stop whatever it is the Blowhard-in-Chief says they will stop. Then I woke up.

I’m not downplaying the Commander of Weakness-in-Chief’s moves here. The very fact that this empty suit would even spend time on this topic with the world in complete disarray proves what I and others like me have been saying all along: that this man hates your freedoms, hates your constitutional rights, and if he could, would take them from you. (I have to be somewhat careful here as the “official” EO’s have not been announced yet as I write this but have been since you’re reading this 3 days later; however, it is safe to say from looking at the unAmerican lynch mob “recommendations” that while it’s mostly political grandstanding in an attempt to say they “did something,” there are some very serious areas of future concern.)

Here’s just one: this whole notion that even one sale of a personal firearm can be considered “being in the business” of selling firearms and requiring an FFL (which then requires performance of a background check to complete the “sale”), while laughable on the surface, sets up the real goal of this unAmerican’s true agenda (ultimately complete confiscation) by eventually requiring registration of all firearms in America. How, you might ask? Think about it. We’re talking about a private sale (think private sale between you and your hunting buddy, your coworker, or significant other). Do you really think millions of Americans will go to the expense and hassle to get a required FFL to sell or trade a few guns as they have been doing for centuries in America? Of course not and they know it.  How then, do you think they will enforce that? Do you think they will be moving an ATF agent into your house to monitor your every move? Of course not. How then would they know if I gave you a gun for Christmas or traded you my Glock for your Winchester Model 94 and didn’t comply with their unAmerican, unconstitutional edict?

They wouldn’t. Ever.

That’s right, they wouldn’t until they make their next move, which is federal registration of all firearms. It’s the next logical step in their flow chart. Require individuals to seek permission and licensing to sell or transfer firearms, expect massive non-compliance, then follow that up by calling the non-compliance a “loophole” of some sort, thereby requiring registration to close it. It’s the only logical conclusion—unless you believe that the gun grabbers will now just dry up and go away. They’re not and guess what happens after registration?

There’s more to come and if you were listening to my Armed American Radio monster broadcast this past Sunday, you heard Alan Gottlieb’s prediction that this round of EO’s is merely child’s play considering what he thinks is coming from Obama after the election and before he leaves office.

The final year of Obama is a very dangerous one and his agenda, which he has already told you he plans on enacting against the will of the people, requires your complete ignorance and stupidity for its successful implementation.

Be neither, please.

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