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Express kidnapping Fail in Mexico City (Warning Graphic)




Two criminals thought they had it made, they found what seemed to be just another victim with a nice car and all by himself in what has become south america’s second criminal trend. Express kindapping. But how wrong they were, two tried, both failed and one paid with his life.

Dos delincuentes pensaron que lo tenian todo cuadrado, cuando encontraron a quien parecia una posible victima con un buen auto, para lo que se ha convertido en la segunda tendencia criminal mas grande de latinoamerica, Los secuestros express. Que equivocados estaban, dos intentaron, ambos fallaron, uno pago con su vida.


  1. Looks like a 2nd suspect peeked around the corner when the gunfire started . unless it was a mother store owner. Looked like they had a gun

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