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Divided We Fall!


Let’s discuss race! This is an opinion piece so it will obviously incorporate my opinion, however rather than sway you to my side of thinking I hope to sway you to THINK. More precisely I hope to sway you to research thoroughly and then come to an honestly informed opinion. I believe that if we as a Nation follow this simple principle we would be a lot less divided. The unfortunate truth is that a great majority of our populace formulate their opinions from bias sources that already support their predisposed feelings. The bottom line is that if you rely on a corrupt source for your position then your position will be corrupt.

Growing up poor in a large city and then spending 20 years in the US Army has granted me the awesome experience of forming friendships and working relationships with individuals from all walks of life, backgrounds, and skin color. I’m blessed to have quite a-lot of friends, many of which happen to not share the same skin tone as me. As such I have quite the diverse opinions streaming across my social media feeds and it truly hurts me to see us as a populace so divided over race.

Basically what I’m seeing is a friend will post something inflammatory dealing with a racial hot topic. One of their friends will post a strong disagreement with the post…. the internet battle will typically go back and forth a bit and eventually after many personal jabs have been made it will end. Often with both feeling as if the other is a racist. That’s right both sides feeling the other is racist. What’s ironic about this is that often these are two friends who have hung out together and never judged one another on the color of their skin. Yet now that the media has evoked these strong emotional feelings both feel as if they are directly at the heart of this issue.

Racial division has been used as long as recorded history to help control the population and finesse political agenda, and it’s in full throttle again right here in America. The old adage United We Stand, Divided We Fall has never rang truer for this country as the media currently manipulates the truth and your emotions to facilitate the forwarding of the governments socialist agenda. More about that later. For now let me move on to some more objective points surrounding our current divide.

The most common issue causing racial tension over the last few years has been the notion that there is systemic racism (toward black population) entrenched in our police force. This position has been heavily pushed by the media and politicians. So the question is do we have a systemic racism problem with our sworn protectors? The simple answer is ‘No’. Now before you dismiss me because I just stated something against your predetermined position please here me out. Additionally before you blindly agree with me because I supported your position likewise here me out. My ‘No’ statement is not an opinion, but a statement based on statistical analysis and research. It’s not based off of a Fox News poll or other opinionated piece, but rather on hard statistical data. Now does that ‘No’ mean that there are no incidents of racism across the police force, absolutely not. It simply means that the incidence of racism are statistically negligible in regards to the question. An important note here. I’m not saying that even a single unwarranted death is insignificant, however I am saying that a minuscule percentage does not indicate a trend or systemic issue. This isn’t opinion but fact. I’ll share a very in depth analysis (LINK) for your review below on Police shootings.

Click for In Depth Statistical Analysis 

Since you’ve made it this far I’ll assume you took the time to review the statistics (or at least will after you finish here). As you see there is actually no evidence of the black population being targeted or mistreated by the police. Fact! When the facts  don’t support a proposed cause why should you continue to pursue a straw man endeavor? This entire ‘problem’ has been manufactured to divide us (the People) and it’s working quite effectively.

You see the media are playing us against each other. They play hand-picked footage, twist and distort facts to create a controversy and then continue to escalate the tension. This inflames much of the black populace. Then they continually cover the most divisive and bigoted protesters. This inflames a majority of the white/police populace. Of course I’m speaking in generalities here, but overall this is the practice and results.

Let’s ignore that most of these events are justified, and pretend they we’re all bad shootings, the statistical significance is insignificant. Furthermore what seems to be lost of most of those heated about the situation is that in the event it is a bad shooting then it essentially equates to a crime (disregarding negligence) and will (in the great majority of cases) be tried as such and justice will be served. This even further negates the matter in that it is just one of the many other murders that occur daily. If you think of the last few years that the media has been stoking this fire, how many incidents are we talking about? Even if it were 24 (one a month) , which it’s not, 24 incidents in a country of 325 million people is a pretty outstanding track record.

Did you know that a black officer is statistically 2x more likely to shoot someone? Now if I wanted to hop on the race issue I could assume that black officers are trigger happy. I mean why else would they shoot people at two times the rate of white officers. In reality I highly doubt that’s the case. It’s more likely due to the fact that inner cities have a higher percentage of black officers and inner cities are more likely to an interaction ending in a shooting.

Did you hear about the two Louisiana officers that murdered a white child (due to a personal vendetta with the father)? Of course not, it doesn’t fit the media narrative. The only way it will be portrayed is to show that only black officers are charged with crimes. The fact is that case doesn’t represent police, or the black populace. It represents the actions of two evil people. Ideally the justice system will do its job in this and all homicide cases.  As a side note: Something I think we should all get behind in protest is the jacked up sentencing we have going on across the country. It’s truly sad that someone can molest and murder a child and get out of prison in a few years and someone else can get caught selling drugs and sentenced to 60 years. But I digress.

Did you know that two black men set a white man on fire (the guy’s car broke down in the wrong place) just the other day? Did you know this is the 16 time that white people have been set on fire by black individuals over the last couple of years? Now if I were corrupt like the mainstream media and racist profiteers I could start a movement off these cases about how the black population is out of control setting white people on fire (Don’t Ignite just cause we’re White!). Many of these we’re in fact racial hate crime, but once again not representative of the majority of the black populace.

I have an opinion on the political end game of all this and it’s ugly for all of us. I won’t bother sharing it in this article as it is really irrelevant to the purpose of the article. The bottom line is that we as Americans need to unite.

Final Note, I find the loss of every innocent life abhorrent and whole heartedly  support any endeavor to help minimize it. I believe the great majority of Americans feel the same way. The disconnect is on what the problem is. Black, white, red, pink shouldn’t matter to us that are law abiding citizens. What should matter is truth and justice. Take the time to research and fully understand the situation before you react emotionally. Let the justice system run it’s course.