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Dashcam of Kidnap Victim Rescue in Ukraine



Police in Ukraine have rescued a businessman being held hostage by a group of kidnappers. They arrested three alleged members of the gang in a dramatic rescue operation on a highway in the city of Zaporizhia. This is the dashcam footage of the operation.



  1. American forces "come out with your hands up you have 5 sec 5 4 3 bang bang bang bang bang bang booomm!!!

  2. They ought to show a parody of the Galaxy wrist computer advertisement. A guy walking into a light pole while fiddling with his Dick Tracy doodad.,

  3. I know this sounds cruel and insensitive of me because I would def not want that to happen, but I'd rather have the hostage killed AND capture the kidnappers versus trying to protect the kidnapper and letting the criminals go so they can do it all over again. However, I'm happy that didn't happen.

  4. yep they can go ahead and shoot the hostage but the police probably would of lit up the car with gunfire

  5. I dont know why people are criticizing these police for being slow. If you ask me that was a well executed rescue. It took about 10 seconds from the time the door opened to when all passengers were out and on the ground. No shots where fired and the hostage was rescued alive with only minor injuries. That seems like a job well done to me.

  6. The thing is that as soon as the cops showed up the kidnappers knew that they were getting no money and were going to jail anyways … no sense in killing the victim and prolonging their prison sentences for no reason.

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