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Common Core in Small Town America


(Written in early 2014)
I have to admit until recently I had not heard of Common Core which is somewhat surprising considering I take great effort to stay abreast of the many threats to our freedoms. How Common Core slipped by me I can only speculate, but I suspect it is partially due to the extreme effort to slip it in to practice quietly and the intentional avoidance of using its name with the programs that are incorporating it. Couple the above with a complacent media, and you virtually have to seek it out to come to know it.
Fortunately Glen Beck highly publicized a violation of a father’s first amendment right that was reminiscent of Stalin’s Russia. All of this took place at a town meeting to discuss ‘Common Core’. If you’re not familiar with the Glen Beck story I’m referencing I encourage you to watch the video below. It is shocking how far down the path to tyrannical control we have slipped.
Here it is if you’d like to check it out.

As you can see the father is trying to raise his complaints with the program and is forcibly removed by the off duty (hired) police officer. Not only is the father removed from the school but he is charged with felony assault of a police officer. After the story was widely publicized by conservative news outlets the DA decided to drop the charges, however stood by their right in the handling and charging of the case. Since when did it become felonious to speak out against a Socialist program entering into our towns? The answer is simple really, since we decided to elect (and continually elect) power hungry totalitarian minded officials.

Common Core recently hit home with me as well. The other day I attended a function with my son at his school afterhours. The event was promoted as a chance to “do some science and math” with your child and learn about the new programs they would be utilizing to help better educate our children. I live in a small and very patriotic town and the word had obviously gotten out that this ‘program’ was Common Core (although I did not receive that word) and there was a very large showing for such a small school. As I walked into the school on my way to the cafeteria I was surprised by the number of off duty, but identifiable police in and around the school. Since I hadn’t put two and two together yet I assumed that maybe they were there for their children, but something still felt odd. That feeling stemmed from the fact that they seemed to be scanning the crowd and working rather than as parents.

Upon entering the cafeteria we were all warmly welcomed and the staff boasted of how proud they were that so many parents cared about their children’s education. I was personally proud to live in such a town. Then they informed us they would play a movie to introduce us all to this new system called AMSIS and asked us to kindly write any questions we had on a slip of paper and hold it in the air. This was to better organize the questions and answer them all after the presentation. As the movie began playing people began talking and murmuring. After a few minutes I was somewhat surprised by the ‘rude’ behavior of all the parents having these sideline conversations as the movie was playing and the speakers were trying to talk. Then after about 5 minutes of so I realized what I was watching; it was a propaganda piece for Common Core. Then it all clicked for me. I realized the reason for all the side talk and the large showing. It also explained the reason for the large police presence. Common core had been in the news a lot recently for being a point of contention at school and town hall meetings.

Upon the completion of the movie the speakers then told us that there were more questions than they anticipated and that they would consolidate them and call them over the PA system so we could proceed to our children’s classrooms on schedule. All of the parents were then ushered off to the classrooms to continue our indoctrination. At the classrooms there were some mundane projects we went through that were meant to demonstrate how great this new method of learning was. Eventually a speaker came over the PA system and informed us that to ensure they were able to deliver thorough answers they would compile a list of the questions and provide the feedback via email to us at a later time.

This is a good example of how the left works. They realized that the great majority was against this National push into our children’s education and rather than have an open forum to discuss the hard questions they took it completely out of the scenario. I am still currently reading and learning on Common Core, but to no surprise I am quickly finding that it is even more infringing than I first expected. It is but one more piece of this tyrannical puzzle being laid.

Below is a part of the propaganda video that was shown to us at the meeting.

Below are a few other videos on the topic for your review.