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Civilian who shot suspect fleeing from police arrested



By PoliceOne Staff

NEWTON, Ga. — A man who shot a suspect evading police has been arrested and is facing charges.

Police attempted to pull over Terence Lee Lenox Saturday for reckless driving, but he fled and crashed, WSB TV reported. He was fleeing on foot when Marcus Pitts, 47, began chasing him with his truck.

When Pitts caught up with Lenox, he pulled a gun and shot him in the neck. Lenox was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Pitts was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Officials said Pitts was not justified in the shooting. They said he should have called police and waited for them to deal with Lenox.

“Unless you’re in the situation where a suspect is causing you to be in fear of your life or serious bodily injury, or a death, you cannot use deadly force,” Capt. Craig Treadwell said.

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