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Can You Reload A Pistol With One Hand? Video


Training on a static range has its benefits for sure. However it’s important that you progress your training to incorporate more than the basics a static range offers you if you hope to actually be successful in a real world defensive situation. It is for this reason that we offer such training as our Force of Force where clients are immersed into realist experiential training.

One thing we consistently see in our various firearms training courses is that many shooters neglect non-dominant firing hand practice. A little practice in this area can go a long way. There are a number of reasons that an individual could need to fire with their non-dominant hand, one of which could be an injury.

The below video, though not specific to non-dominant hand, covers some ways in which you can shoot and RELOAD with a single arm. If you’ve never practiced or considered this challenge I would encourage you to incorporate it into your training regime.