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Breaking : US Strikes Yemen


Today (Thursday) a US destroyer struck three sites in Yemen.  Defense officials claim it occurred in retaliation for missiles targeting a US warship in the Red Sea, the second time this week.

This retaliatory attack marks the first time the US has fired at Houthi targets since the Yemen civil war began in March of 2015.

The Houthis are a minority Shia group that currently control portions of Yemen to include the capital city of Sanaa, and are accused of  the attempted attacks on the US Ships. It should be noted the Houthis deny these allegations.

The Pentagon stated that Tomahawk cruise missiles were launched targeting 3 coastal radar sites controlled by the Houthis. Another official stated assessments indicate all 3 were destroyed and were located in remote areas, minimizing risk to innocent civilians.

A Houthi military official claims the US attack is a distraction and attempting to cover up attacks committed by Saudi Arabia. The US has received increased pressure and scrutiny over their support of the Saudi-led coalition.


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