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Battling Cultural Collapse


I have spent the majority of my adult life setting procedures, measures and equipment in place to mitigate disaster. I embody a lifestyle known by most people as a Prepper. While Hollywood’s depiction of the lifestyle highlights the most eccentric of us I am by most measures more prepared than a typical person. I use a relatively systematic approach to my prepping by contemplating potential disasters and their associated risk and then implementing safeguards to help mitigate those risks. This process has been incorporated into where I purchase my property to live one as well as certain features I require for that property. All in all this lifestyle has left me feeling confident with little fear of the unknown curve balls nature or community may throw our way. In my experience it’s a misconception that preppers area paranoid and worrisome group, quite the opposite in fact.  I always compare it to an old joke I once heard. A police officer pulls a guy over in his vehicle. During their discussion the gentleman informs the police officer that he is legally carrying some guns in his car. He has one on his person, one in the glove compartment and four more stashed throughout the vehicle. After hearing the extensive list of weapons the officer asks the gentleman ‘What in the world are you afraid of?’. To which the guy replies, ‘There’s very little I’m afraid of’. It’s really all a matter of perspective.

So as I’ve stated I’ve spent great time and effort mitigating tangible risk, however recently (over the last few years) I’ve come to recognize a danger that I don’t believe I’ve given its due attention. The danger presented by a declining culture. Of course I’ve recognized it and taken family measures to help counteract it that many of us do. I monitor the shows I allow my kid to watch. I discuss the curriculum covered at my son’s school and have even contemplated the option of homeschooling him if it gets too out of line with our moral standards. Nonetheless I’m quickly coming to the realization that it’s nearly impossible to completely counteract it. Whether we like to admit it or not culture has a huge affect on the populace. While you can steer your kids in the right direction and potentially have good results you’re battling against the constant surrounding stimulus that runs counter to your values. We’ve all seen this through time and at different levels. No matter how much you preach and mentor kids will still stray a bit and if you’re lucky those values you instilled while they were young will help guide them back on track. What concerns me greatly is the growing gap between my values and the surrounding culture. Parents for generations have had the same battle; however the gap was much less. My concern is that as we continue to have a growing disparity between the cultural value system and the family’s value, that same disparity will be reflected in the children. I think this is blatantly obvious by a look at our current culture. It is essentially snowballing away from traditional conservative values.

This leaves me (us) with the question of how we handle it. I consider myself to be a pretty good problem solver but I have to admit the only reasonable solution I can come up with for this current dilemma is to expatatriate. I say this with a heavy heart and although I have not fully decided to take that leap it is one I’m giving great consideration. I have spent my entire adult life in the defense of this country and the values the founding documents represent, but at the end of the day the culture does not seem to agree with those values any longer. While it’s a hard pill to swallow at some point you have to acknowledge the evidence around you. My fear is not that of a civil war, or an economic collapse with hard times, I’ve taken measures to mitigate those affects my fear is the assimilation of my children into a culture and value system that goes against our core beliefs. For me this is not acceptable. As I’ve said this is not a move I’ve decided to make yet, but it is one that is being greatly considered. I’m interested to hear your thoughts and solutions on the topic.