Today I received a comic from a friend depicting a fast food worker refusing service to a fat man due to gluttony being against his religious belief. I believe the article was intending to mock the recent baker that refused to make a gay couple’s wedding cake. Regardless the comic made me start thinking about the duplicitous nature of our current nation. Think about it for a minute, how many other areas are businesses abiding by their moral or religious position and not receiving the back lash from the hypocritical mouth-pieces for the morally corrupt left.

Let’s consider a few examples-

How about getting cutoff drinking at a bar? Really it’s very similar in nature. A bartender considers that you’ve had enough (by his standard) and then refuses to serve you any longer! Is it not your body and your CHOICE!
We can do better than the bar example though.
Let’s look at a scenario we surely won’t see make headlines.

Imagine a Muslim restaurant refusing to serve you bacon for breakfast or a ham sandwich.
How about a tattoo artist refusing to do a hate tattoo?
What about a vegan restaurant refusing to sell meat products?
Maybe the KKK should solicit Al Sharpton as a guest speaker and then sue him for refusing to provide his guest speaking service. I’m sure the ACLU would fully support the clan’s lawsuit.
How about a Pro-Life organization hiring Hillary Clinton as a guest speaker…. Would she be fined for refusal?
Of course the court found that the bakery was discriminating against the couple, however that’s not the case at all. They in fact showed that they had regular gay clients they provided services for; it wasn’t until the service infringed on their personal beliefs that the problem arose. In fact the Hillary Clinton and Al Sharpton scenarios above are actually examples of discrimination, but yet no one would bat an eye at their refusal of service to the organizations.
The point is that the media and left are on attack against Christian values. They will take both sides of the same position case by case. What we must come to understand and enlighten our neighbors on is that it’s not about left and right politics; it’s about the erosion of our freedom. They selectively choose minority groups and positions and create a victim scenario to rally support, but at the root is the stripping of civil rights. Make no mistake they don’t care about your plight. They are utilizing your cause to erode your rights. Both sides are guilty of falling for this trap and deception. For instance consider the Patriot Act. Most of us fully endorsed it in the aftermath of 9-11, but at the end of the day it was merely the same practice as above. Take for instance the marriage issue. This has been a heated debate for some time now; right up until the Supreme Court overstepped its bounds and ruled on it. The bottom line is that marriage should have never been given to the government to regulate in the first place.
So back to the issue of Christian values; why are they under attack? The answer is simple if we remove God from the equation rights are then endowed by the government. Unfortunately we are becoming dangerously close to what I fear is the point of no return.