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A Surprising Position on Gay marriage from a Conservative


Those that know me would likely consider me a right wing conservative, however I don’t fit the media stereotype. I’m not a racist, bigot, and I have a compassionate heart. None-the-less my political and moral views would definitely be considered far right by most so I expect that my position on the recent gay marriage ruling will surprise many (at least up-front).
So bottom line up front –
Do I believe that two homosexual American citizens should be allowed to participate in a ceremony labeled marriage? Yes
Do I agree with the recent ruling? Absolutely not (but once again not for the reason you probably think).
It’s important to first understand that a right given is a right that can be taken away. If you understand this then you will surely understand my position on this matter. The bottom line is that I don’t believe the Federal Government has any right to govern marriage at all. It in no way falls within the scope of the charter laid out for them known as the Constitution and therefore they have no legitimate reason to be involved in it. I also for that matter don’t personally believe the state should have any involvement either as it is also outside their scope of responsibility. It’s unfortunate that we have come to this further overreaching of power at the fault of both right and left parties.
Let’s talk marriage specifically. The origins of marriage are found in the Bible and it is clearly laid out as a religious ceremony to join a man and woman together as one. This particular fact is indisputable, but should settle the argument for the conservatives. The fact is that as a Christian I believe that the God ordains marriage, not a government. Therefore it shouldn’t matter to me what others do who do not hold fast to those beliefs. Take for example if I wanted to celebrate another cultures ceremony…… let’s say a Quinceanera. For those unfamiliar a Quinceanera is a celebration in many parts of Latin America of a young girl passing into womanhood at the age of 15. Now I’m a man an nowhere near 15 years old, however if I want to celebrate and hold a Quinceanera for myself with friends in family,,,,,, who cares! If I did so will the entire Latin community be disrupted and have to re-write the rules of this age old ceremony? Would the Latin community consider my Quinceanera authentic? Of course not on both accounts, however we haven’t applied the same logic to gay marriage.
There are a few reasons that it is significantly different however and neither have to do with religion. It matters because we have allowed our government to overstep its authority and step into areas they don’t belong…. In this case marriage. The fact is that marriage should not be governed except in the case of consent in which case the government does have a role to protect its society (for example a child). Beyond that it should not be legal or illegal (governed) to conduct a religious ceremony and practice as you choose, see First Amendment. The only other reason this matters is all the social programs and corrupted tax code we’ve allowed to creep into our society, once again another area that we shall suffer the consequences of letting the government overstep its charter. It would do all Americans well if they would remember the statement earlier referenced; a right given is a right that can be taken.