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3-Gun Sponsorship How-To with Mo Shaw of The Seekins Precision 3Gun Team


Seekins Precision Team Member Mo Shaw drops a ton of knowledge on us this week as he schools us on the ins and outs of 3-Gun Sponsorship. Mo was a Pro-Rodeo Steer Wrestler in the 90’s so he has a lot of experience working with big crossover brands such as Wrangler, Chevrolet, etc. If you are a beginner 3Gunner you learn a lot about how to conduct yourself on the range in this episode. If you’re a mid-level shooter that is considering sponsorship you will learn the how-to’s and how-not-to’s of sponsorship.

If you are experienced in 3-Gun sponsorship you will take away something to add to your expertise. In this Episode You’ll Learn: Why the Pro’s Pro helps build and promote a brand rather than exchanging product for promotion. How to give a huge return on investment to your sponsors by asking what you can do for them rather than what they can do for you. Why college athletes miss that regular competition and are drawn to 3-Gun Why you need to give a brand a bigger return on their investment than what they’re giving you. How to deal with the pressure and perceived expectations that you put on yourself when you have a sponsor’s name on your jersey. Why your sponsors may not understand the sport of 3-Gun and the easiest way to educate them.

Quantifying your value and what you can offer. The 5 things you’re doing wrong as a sponsored shooter and didn’t even know it Plus:

The most important things that you can do right And more! Mo’s Sponsors Seekins Precision discount code MS10 Firepower Arms & Supply Mason Ohio Warne Scope Mounts AR Gold Hexmag Springer Precision Notch Gear Atlanta 3-Gun Gear mentioned in this Episode: S&W Sigma SV9E Anderson Manufacturing Receivers Seekins Precision Hand Guard Seekins Precision Muzzle Brake Rock River Arms National Match Trigger Burris MTAC Scope Mossberg JM Pro 930 Blade-Tech IDPA Revolution Package Chameleon Load 2 vest Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical Glock 34 by Branham Tactical ZEV Fulcrum Trigger 18” Seekins Precision SBA Rifle 14” Seekins Precision Pro Rifle Invictus Practical 2.8 AP Custom QL8 DeTurk 24 round vest Hexmag Springer Precision Basepads Taran Tactical Basepads Hexmag Hex-Grip AR-Gold Trigger Geissele Super 3-Gun SBA-15 Billet Lower with a matching Upper Solomon Speed Cross/Spike Cross Matches and Organizations mentioned in this episode: FNH USA 3-Gun Championship MGM Youth Camp Pro Rodeo Firepower Arms, Mason OH Atlanta 3-Gun Noveske Hexmag Purina Wrangler Dodge Trucks Chevy Trucks Ford Trucks Daniel Defense Palmer and Lawson JP Enterprises Fallen Brethren Atlanta 3-Gun Championship Valor Match (Chris Palmer, Paul Coad) (Atlanta) 3-Gun Nation Nationals Hard as Hell People mentioned in this episode: Larry Houck Rob Romero Jansen Jones Chris Garrison Chris Patty Craig Outzen Glen Seekins Katie Seekins Lance Dingler Nate Staskiewicz Tim Yackley The Yackley 5 (fb page?) Greg Jordan Shiloh Matoon Burt(on?) Thompon True Pearce Jesse Tischauser Relevant to this Episode: Enter the SBA15 Giveaway courtesy of Seekins Precision and Mo Shaw: Connect with Mo: Mo Shaw 3-Gun Web Site Mo on Instagram Mo on Facebook Thanks for listening! Thank you so much for listening to the 3-Gun Show podcast! Have feedback? Leave a comment here or email me at dave@3gunshow.com. If you enjoyed this show please share it with a friend, you can use the buttons at the left of the screen. A review in iTunes, Stitcher, social media or your blog would go a long way to spread the word and help the show reach more 3-Gunners like yourself. Don’t forget to subscribe to the show in iTunes, Stitcher or your favorite podcast app. A big thanks to Mo reaching out and for bringing an incredibly interesting topic to The 3-Gun Show!
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