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15 Free Awesome Survival and Tactical Items

Headline for 15 Awesome FREE Survival and Tactical Gear Items !!
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15 Awesome FREE Survival and Tactical Gear Items !!

We've been scouring the net for Free (or nearly free) Tactical and Survival Gear. Now it's your turn to cash in on our sweat and grab it while you can. No need to thank us, unless you would like to send us some free stuff 🙂 Enjoy and let us know what you grab up!

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This is a great deal at free. I used to have a similar version of this knife and they come in quite handy. I will offer one piece of advice....remember it is in your wallet. I once traveled with one in my wallet (Air Travel). Amazingly it was never noticed and I was fortunate ( I had forgotten it was in my wallet). None-the-less it could have been a sticky situation had it triggered security.

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FREE Hybeam Flashlight From Survival Life

How about a free Hybeam Flashlight? That's right Free. Hurry up and grab yours before the lights go out on this deal!

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FREE Survival Business Card

FREE Survival Business Card. We actually carry and sale these at our trade shows, and occasionally give some away as well. They are a quite handy little tool to carry in your wallet.

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FREE Copy Of My ‘Flat Belly Fast’ DVD, And Discover How To Look 10 Pounds Leaner... In Only 10 Days!

Ok, this doesn't specifically fit into tactical or survival, however fitness is tied to both of those topics so we're including it here for you.

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FREE Survival Water Straw

The National Family Preparedness Association is giving away this Made in the USA survival water straw free as a part of a HUGE national promotion. All they ask is that you cover shipping & handling. Now you can't beat that!

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FREE FireKable Paracord Bracelet From Survival Life

How about a free firestarter paracord bracelet! You've got it right here!

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FREE! Everstryke Pro Waterproof Firestarter From Survival Life

FREE! Everstryke Pro Waterproof Firestarter From Survival Life

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Micro Hybeam

Why stop with just one Flashlight when you can have TWO!!!

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J5 Tactical V1 — SurvivalKit.com

There is absolutely no reason you should get caught in the dark! This J5 Tactical Flashlight is a great addition to your bug out bag. A good light can be used in time of distress or to locate or signal if you become lost or stranded. This tool has a lamp life of 100,000 hours and outputs 300 lumens. It's rugged design allows it to take a beating.

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Order Phone 4 Energy� Now!

Ok, This product is not free, however it claims that you can harness free energy from your phone lines,,,,, which I thought was an interesting concept. Granted this fits more along prepper lines, but if you know our business you know we tie it all together. The page is interesting and I would love to hear back from any of you that give this a try!

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FREE EDT Mini Multi Tool — Survival Life

FREE EDT Mini Multi Tool. You can't beat the price .....FREE!

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FREE! Everstryke Waterproof Firestarter From Survival Life

FREE! Everstryke Waterproof Firestarter From Survival Life. These are pretty cool little items. We also sale and occasionally give these away.

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Free Survival Grenade!

What is a “Survival Grenade”?  It’s a compact survival kit that includes 15 essential survival items tightly wrapped up in to small grenade shaped package that can be used as a key-ring, clip onto your belt or bag.

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The Quick & Easy Way To Energy Independence & Lower Power Bills

Learn the Quick & Easy Way To Energy Independence & Lower Power Bills! Free video detailing how to get free energy.

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